Win a Copy of 'The Originals' Prequel Book & Exclusive Cast Poster!

Win a Copy of 'The Originals' Prequel Book & Exclusive Cast Poster!

Are you ready to win something no one else has yet?

JJJ is giving away first-look copies of the highly-anticipated prequel book series to The Originals!

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Based on the TV show created by Julie Plec, the three upcoming novels begin in the year 1722 in New Orleans, and the first book officially hits shelves on January 27, with the other titles coming out in April and June!

We are giving away FIVE copies of the first book “The Rise,” in addition to an exclusive cast posters for the winners!

Enter below from now until midnight ET on Sunday, January 11 for a chance to win.

Good luck!

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  • Julie

    Hayley because she is brave and smart

  • Azhar Amanda Baghal

    Klaus because though he can be “evil” and the bad character, he always has a soft side!

  • Gabriella

    Rebekah is by far my favourite. I love the paradox about her character, how she can be both fragile and badass, a monster with humanity. She rocks!

  • Bianca

    Davina because she is just badass and witchy and I love her.

  • Nikki Zuniga

    Klaus because who doesn’t love the evil character.

  • KendellAnn

    Rebecca is my favorite character on The Originals because she is a family girl. I feel like I identify with her.

  • Guest

    I like Marcel because even though he is a vampire, he won’t hurt kids.

  • CJ Johnson

    I like Cami because she doesn’t put up with Klaus’s BS ;)

  • Tayyib Fayyaz

    Klaus because he lives how he sees fit.

  • Vico

    Klaus ! The most interesting to follow because of all his demons

  • Kiya Hsu

    I love Hayley because she’s got “sass” and she’s PERF. Even Elijah said she has sass. ????????

  • Rapunzel ?

    My favorite character is Rebekah, she’s strong and fragile at the same time and I love the fact that she’s the only girl surrounded by brothers : “Always and forever”.

  • Lara

    I like Klaus. He’s the most interesting and captivating character on the show. Also I love the fact that even though he seems bad, he has a rare kindness in him.

  • donkeykong72

    My favorite originals character is Klaus. He is the most awesome vampire and the most awesome werewolf of all time. He’s just so exciting to watch!

  • Dorine

    Love them all, each and everyone one of them have the best qualities, strengths and flaws that make them loveable

  • Dre Saleiro

    My favourite character is elijah
    He’s got class, respect for others and has so many demons he hides

  • Sarah

    Elijah because he loyal and admirable

  • ?Melissa?

    mine is hayley because she is an inspiration, strong and fights for the
    person she loves

  • Yusuf Nasrullah

    Klaus is the man!

  • porsche

    My favourite character is of course Elijah, he’s very family orientated, he keeps the peace between the siblings most of the time, he’s always there when needed and his past is the thing I love the most because he shows that he’s strong enough to put it behind him, that’s why he’s my favourite character.

  • Emmah

    My favorite Originals character is definitely Rebekah! She’s misunderstood and really badass.

  • Luv

    I loved The Originals ever since they were introduced on TVD. I am looking for to the Originals books.

  • Luv

    My favorite original character is Klaus. I like him because he is not a one dimensional character. He has a lot of layers .

  • Johanna

    Rebekah is my favorite, because i love her personality & she’s beautiful! ^-^ <3

  • Sarah

    My favorite “The Originals” character would have to be Elijah. I feel as if Elijah has always been the anchor of the Original family. He’s never given up on any of his siblings and has proved time and time again that family is forever. Also, his suits are always on point!

  • Mauricio Ivan Bardales

    My favorite Original character is Elijah. He cares a lot for his family anc always tries to keep it together. Also, his loyalty towards Klaus is admirable!

    I love The Originals Ever since Klaus was introduce in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES books!

  • Stan

    Klaus because he’s a fighter. He’s up for anything.

  • Sara

    I love Elijah because he’s an honorable man, he has so much passion and hope, and he always puts his family first.

  • Angel

    Elijah, because his story line is very interesting. He’s been through so much and he’s an honest man.

  • Zane

    Mine is Klaus because he is so full of surprises and he does actually has humanity in him and he shows us that no matter what in life u can come over it