Vanessa Marano Says She & Katie Leclerc Are 'Obnoxiously Close'

Vanessa Marano Says She & Katie Leclerc Are 'Obnoxiously Close'

Vanessa Marano is ready for this weekend’s 2015 Golden Globe Awards.

Speaking in a new video interview, the 22-year-old actress chatted about who she hopes will win at the show, her friendship with Katie Leclerc and sister Laura. Check it:

On her friendship with Katie: “We’re kind of obnoxiously close in a way that a lot of people tolerate. There have been times that we’ve said stuff in unison and people are ‘Okay. You are gross now’.”

On sister Laura: “Have I ever taken the fall for Laura? No. I don’t think Laura’s ever taken the fall for me. I’m pretty good at covering my tracks. I was probably an awful big sister in the beginning of our lives. I used to make her sign contracts that she was my slave and that she had to do things for me. In return, I would love her. That’s literally what the contract said and she did it because she’s the nicest person in the world. Poor kid.”

On her Golden Globes hopes: “‘Imitation Game’ though. That did it for me, I was done after that movie. This is my one, I’m on board with this. Benedict Cumberbatch just literally destroyed that movie. He took it, ripped it apart and acted the h*** out of it. It was amazing.”

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