Jake T. Austin on Justin Bieber: People Need to Leave Him Alone

Jake T. Austin on Justin Bieber: People Need to Leave Him Alone

Jake T. Austin opens up about his opinions on Justin Bieber in this new interview!

The 20-year-old actor caught up with The Dishh where he shared his thoughts on his pal Selena Gomez‘ ex and more. Check it:

On Justin: “You know, people need to leave him alone because we’re the same age. I don’t know if we’re the same age up here [points to head] but he’s a good friend of mine and when he started dating Selena, that’s like my sister. So I was kinda overseeing [who she was into] and he came into the picture and I respected him because he’s a man. People look at him like he’s a little boy, but he’s a man. He handles himself, he takes care of his family, he loves his fans. He just doesn’t make 100 percent of the best decisions 100 percent of the time. You need to take the good with the bad, but he needs to make more music, period. If he made more music, and it’s amazing I feel all the negative press would be overshadowed.”

On his Calvin Klein ads: “Here’s the thing: I respect the CK ad, and I would love to have something similar myself had I been approached to do something that edgy, but I would never, like swimsuit stuff, I would never. I don’t have a crazy body, I’m not a 300-pound Gerard Butler type.”

On his relationship status: “Right now I’m on the market, so I’m single. Single, bilingual and ready!”

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  • Joolz

    Whatever! Beiber is NOT a man! He’s a damn ungrateful piece of crap that should go away!!

    • Ian Hessle

      Shut up and look to your own character flaws.

      You are a disgrace.

    • ? Bugatti Bieber ?

      Who’s Beiber??

    • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber

      “Justin Bieber is not a man”

      You’re just a jealous loser.
      You’re probably over weight, in you’re 40s, a virgin and living in mom’s basement. You’re probably one of those creepy guys who stalks Justin’s teenage fans.

      • Joolz

        Yeah I’m not a guy, I’m not in my 40′s, or living in my Mom’s basement and none of your business. I don’t stalk his stupid teenage fans. I’m tired of that kid doin’ stupid crap and being ungrateful. He doesn’t deserve his success.

        • AmberKeaney

          What an ugly opinion and ugly heart you have.

          It’s not up to you to decide who deserves what in life. You’re not God and you’re not perfect yourself. Justin Bieber constantly talks about how grateful he is, if you took the time to read his social media. He’s been working since he was 12.

          You are full of envy and rage. Good luck with that.

          • Joolz

            Don’t care to read his social media. Don’t care about him at all.

        • Emmet Willis

          What a fool you are Joolz. You’re stalking him now. You clicked the headline with his name in it, cos you wanna rail.

          If you don’t like Bieber, don’t click the headline, ignore him. But that’s probably too logical for you. Lol.

          • Joolz

            People do it all the time. Don’t like it…tough. I’m tired of him.

          • Ian Hessle

            If you’re tired – DON’T CLICK ON THE HEADLINE.


          • beara

            How is commenting on an article considered stalking.

            Nevermind, arguing with stupid people is pointless.

        • http://eternalozzie.com/ eternalozzie

          why would you say he doesn’t deserve his success ??? he sacrificed his childhood to be the record label’s dancing monkey

          • Joolz

            He doesn’t deserve his success cus he doesn’t act like it. He acts like a damn annoying immature spoiled brat. He does the stupidest things like egging other people’s houses and peeing in buckets and going to jail for it.

          • http://eternalozzie.com/ eternalozzie

            He didn’t go to jail for either of those things. He worked hard to get where he is and now he’s doing stupid stuff most people have done in their teens … He’s getting a little of his childhood back by goofing off … Lighten up with your hate.

          • Joolz

            Whatever. I’m done responding about this dumb kid.

          • Ian Hessle

            You shouldn’t have f– started in the first place.
            Can’t you see your own idiocy. No-one forced you to read about him, you clicked here.

            Don’t like him? Don’t read about him.

          • SPARKY inyyz

            Having a little “melt down” are we?

          • beara

            He doesn’t deserve his success because he doesn’t have any talent. He can sorta carry a tune but so can anyone else. He probably doesn’t write any of his songs (which btw are aren’t that good either) he’s just an over produced, over auto-tuned product of Hollywood that acts like a brat.

  • Ian Hessle

    Couldn’t agree more. The hate is ridiculous and most of it, as expressed like @joolz below me, by people who are NOT better than Bieber, but just enjoy being cruel and foul to a human being they have never met.

  • Helen S

    Only ignorant imature fools are fans of this bozo

    • Joolz

      Finally! Someone that agrees with me. I’m tired of everyone defending that stupid kid!

    • Ian Hessle

      What has he done to you personally Helen and Joolz? Find a better outlet for your hate than a 20-year-old.

      The bile you show reveals you have your own flaws and your own self-work to do, as do we all.

      • Joolz

        He hasn’t done anything to me personally and I’m glad. But he’s such a stupid immature spoiled brat. Him and Miley Cyrus. And they are ungrateful to their fans.

  • Paulo


  • Art0fWAR

    Who the heII is Jake T. Austin? Never heard of him.

  • beara

    This coming from a kid who drinks & drives & crashes his car into several parked cars & leaves the scene before the cops get there……..

  • Po

    Something i care about less then Justin Bieber, is what another 20 year old kid thinks about Justin Bieber. (though I still read the article )