The Ben, Riley, & Danny Love Triangle Is Back On The Table On 'Baby Daddy'

The Ben, Riley, & Danny Love Triangle Is Back On The Table On 'Baby Daddy'


Okay, ABC Family, what are you doing to us?!

The love triangle with Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), Riley (Chelsea Kane) and Danny (Derek Theler) on Baby Daddy is definitely back and it never really went away.

During the recent episode, Ben was the definition of a jealous boyfriend and rightfully so when Riley volunteered to help Danny rehearse for his cameo role on General Hospital instead of helping him out with his mom’s lease.

After watching Danny film his scene together, they both looked a little shocked when Danny pulled a Ross Gellar and instead of saying, “I love you, Samantha”, he said Riley’s name instead!

Back at Ben’s apartment, he got very real with Riley: “Come on, Riley! You have to see it! That moment on the roof? The love note? You hiding him and lying to me? I can’t do this. I can’t be in a relationship where I’m constantly questioning everything. I always feel like I’m second place…Can you look me in the eyes right now and tell me you don’t have feelings for Danny?”

Since this is all happening again, we’re doing a whole new poll. Take it!

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  • Jason

    Riley should be with Ben, so funny we watch for seasons of I love Ben then they get together and you here it’s hard to go from friend to boyfriend girlfriend but with in one episode she tells Danny she loves him what bullshit. If she isn’t going to be Ben’s love interest get off or downgrade her to once every now and then the show’s name is Baby Daddy and should mainly be focused on Ben and Emma and his life not a goofy blonde that thinks it’s a good idea to bounce between brothers.

    • Cheesy Smith

      So what?! You’re choice of who Riley should end up with shouldn’t be based on the fact that Ben is the main character it should be based on who fits better together and frankly Riley and Danny are way better together, I mean they’re best friends so it just makes sense.

      And in Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione ended up together but the fact that they were a couple didn’t stray away from Harry and not make him the main character in his own story. Also I think that the fact that Hermione didn’t end up with Harry shows that she wasn’t just a female character that was put into the story to be a love interest for the main character; with that Hermione got to prove that she was completely useful in other aspects. And lastly putting the girl with the main character is so overdone and cliché…Danny and Riley all the way!!