Jennette McCurdy's Netflix Show 'Between' Gets a Premiere Date!

Jennette McCurdy's Netflix Show 'Between' Gets a Premiere Date!

Jennette McCurdy is pretty in pale blue while arriving for the Netflix Australia & New Zealand Launch Party held at Museum of Contemporary Art on Tuesday (March 24) in Sydney, Australia.

The 22-year-old actress’ upcoming show Between just got a release date! It will hit Netflix on May 21!

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During her trip down under, Jennette hung out with other Netflix stars, including Orange is the New Black‘s Uzo Aduba!

“Love being a part of the netflix family! @NetflixANZ #NetflixDownUnder,” she captioned one Instagram pic.

FYI: Jennette is wearing a Keepsake romper, an Isharya cocktail ring, Shop Prima Donna circle ring, and a Nancy Gonzalez clutch.

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  • ComTech121

    Who cares? Jennette is nothing more than a burned out Nickelodeon has-been who sealed her own fate by purposely leaking semi-nude photos of herself, and then trying to blame it all on her boyfriend of one week, Detroit Pistons star Andre Drummond. That all backfired on her when Drummond said that he had nothing to do with it. She then resorted to taking it out on him, Nickelodeon, and Ariana Grande, who also helped get their last show cancelled after just one season because of their ongoing bad behavior on set. Not long after that, Grande’s music career blew up overnight. Keeping this in mind, while obviously jealous of Ariana’s success, McCurdy is quick to develop a “web series” about her current debacle, titled “What’s Next for Sarah.” One of the episodes features a “pop star” by the name of “Gloriana” who not only bears a striking resemblance to Ariana and has a similar name, but is also talkative, ditzy, and self-centered….and yet Jennette says that they’re still friends? Yeah right. Jennette put all of this on herself and yet wonders why nobody in the industry wants to work with her now. Because of her prior actions, she basically blacklisted herself. No wonder she is down to just doing Netflix shows. Pathetic. Sorry, but her career as a “professional” actress is over.

    • beautylover

      you are the pathetic one honey Jennette is working with a successful brand which is “Netflix” the brand that is responsible for “house of cards” “Orange is the new black” i’m sure you’re familiar with these two successful shows so to call someone who is acting and doing what she likes pathetic while you’re the one hiding behind a screen bashing her says a lot about you i hope you’re 10 years old because you sound like an idiot.

      • ComTech121

        First off, I don’t think a 10 year old would have a name like mine nor would they have a picture of a server farm tagged to their username, so nice try there. Secondly, you really shouldn’t criticize me for “hiding behind a screen bashing” others when you’re doing the exact same thing by labeling me as an “idiotic 10 yr. old.” Those may not be your exact words, but they are close enough.
        FYI, I have heard of “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” but am most interested in “House of Cards” even though I haven’t watched it yet. Lately, however, Netflix has been removing episodes of some of my favorite shows such as “Top Gear” and a few others. Because of this, I am currently contemplating whether or not I should remain with them, or defect over to Hulu Plus.
        Now as for Jennette, sorry, but she set herself up for failure with Nickelodeon once she started acting out against them during the filming of “Sam & Cat.” The fact of the matter was that it was anything but a mutual separation. She publicly blasted them multiple times on Twitter, citing unfair treatment and pay, in which I’ll admit that although some of that info may be true….it’s just not the right way to go when handling such a situation. Rather than act professional about it, she openly revealed information to the fans that I’m sure most weren’t supposed to know outside of the studios. In other words, she basically violated her own contract with Nickelodeon so that “Sam & Cat” could end and so that she and Ariana could move on. For the icing on the cake, she even made a point to skip last year’s KCAs once she found out that Ariana Grande received an award over her. Jealousy much?
        In addition to that, she also publicly shamed her boyfriend of one week on a “Nerdist” podcast, calling him a “bad kisser.” Very unprofessional behavior in both instances, which is a good way to get yourself blacklisted…especially if you have connections to Hollywood. Here’s something to think about. Maybe she wouldn’t have so many “haters” if she wasn’t the one stirring the pot most of the time.
        Now I’m not going to judge “Between” just off the trailer, but this show just isn’t my forte. Granted, although I may have a look at the first episode, it doesn’t look promising, in my opinion. Just because it’s a Netflix show does not mean that it will be as epic as other shows that it currently has running.