'Pretty Little Liars' Season Finale Shocker: Find Out Who 'A' Is!

'Pretty Little Liars' Season Finale Shocker: Find Out Who 'A' Is!


After five seasons of mystery, we finally got the answer we were all looking for to the most important questions plaguing Pretty Little Liars fans everywhere – Who is “A”?!

While fans shared some pretty great theories, and even voted that it had to be Aria (Lucy Hale), it turned out to be…

Ali’s (Sasha Pieterse) long lost brother Charles! is A!!!!! He is seemingly Jason’s (Drew Van Acker) twin! WHAT?!?!

Oh, and Mona (Janel Parrish) was alive the whole time!

Want more info on Charles? Click here to see what PLL series creator Marlene King had to say about the reveal.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the #BigAReveal on tonight’s Pretty Little Liars?

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  • Jesse

    I LOVE IT!!! I know we didn’t get an actual reveal, in terms of seeing his face. But I absolutely love the twist of Jason having a twin instead of Ali. I can’t wait to see WHY he’s doing this though!!

  • Adam

    No no it was not a good episode. We had a name Charles. I wanted a freaking face. I deserved we all deserved a face after investing 5 years in this show. I have read fan reactions guess what Marlene people are mad and most are done with the show now. You happy?! 5 years! We deserved a face and not showing it was a slap in the face of everyone who is the reason you cash a pay check. I am so angry right now. You were wrong fans would be satisfied we are not.

    • Sam Jonet

      I 100% agree with you! I’m done with the show! I’m not wasting anymore time with this show. It’s going to keep going this way, one disappointment after another!

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  • maddy

    Most pointless finale ever, after all these seasons they make up some new character named ‘Charles’ and we’re supposed to believe the girls have done something horrible enough to him to make him go after them after all this time?? And how is it possible for a child to go missing from Rosewood without no mention of him ever from his own brother, people in the town, Spencer’s parents, school teachers. There is usually media coverage when a child goes missing how could they POSSIBLY erase a person??

    • Manda

      He obviously has issues. And he killed his mom. I don’t think he disappeared. I think he was sent somewhere.

    • Elizabeth

      They didn’t completely make it up. In the books Ali has a twin no one knows about till a few books in. The show creators just decided to make Jason the twin instead.

      • Mimi

        Oh my God, finally someone who has also read the books and sees what they did, very sly of them to turn Courtney into Charles. I am not alone.

    • Mimi

      In the books, Ali’s twin(aka Jason’s twin now) was put in a mental institution so that no one knew she had a twin. maybe that’s what they are going to do.

  • Manda

    I’m satisfied. We were never told it would be a full reveal, only that we’d be able to figure it out after the episode. It’s obviously Jason’s twin. Wanna see a face? Watch a previous episode with Jason in it. I thought it was clever that Jason told Ali that there are hardly any pictures of him when he was younger during the episode where she was arrested. Nice one.

  • Sam Jonet

    This is truly ridiculous!! PLL fans have been so patient waiting for @marleneking to sum up all the broken and outrageous paths weíve been taken on. Youíve completely lost me as a fan of the show. You can only stretch this out for so long. This finale didnít give fans anythingÖ.really you didnít even show ďCharlesĒ face???? Truly, whatís the point? Marlene is just going to create more and more pointless paths to take us down to buy time because the series has been picked up for 2 more years. Marlene said this finale was going to be the biggest and best reveal yet and that itís the best episode of the entire showÖ.well that was a major bomb and if thatís as good as it getsÖÖ..Well Iím out @marleneking! #lostmeasafanofpll #5yearswasted

  • Darci

    Hugely disappointing. Like I’m actually so mad. That was terrible! So much for the “big reveal.” Wasn’t even a character that was mentioned in any other episode..

  • Janette

    shouldn’t spencer’s father know about it the twin too then? since he fathered them?

    • Manda

      If you watch again, you will see Caleb telling Spencer’s parents that the boxes contain their secrets too. Her mom says, “No more secrets”, but her dad looks a little nervous. He knows. It’ll come into play.

      • Nicole

        When Veronica finds out about her husband having another son, she’ll be really shocked, just like the way she was in the books. That’s why they got a divorce. I wonder if that’s going to happen. I hope not.

  • Nicole

    I thought this was a good episode. Although, I want to know who is Charles. I mean, we know that he’s Jason’s twin, but what is the reason for Charles being Big A? I really want to know. A lot of people are disappointed with the big A reveal but I found it really shocking. I liked how they made Jason have a twin instead of Ali. Ali is the one who has a twin in the books and who is hidden. So, they probably replaced Courtney with Charles. A lot of people are dissatisfied with the big A reveal and are so unhappy that they’ve decided to not watch the show anymore. I’m still going to continue watching it. I want to find out why Charles is Big A. Plus, I like the storylines and a show that makes you have a lot of theories of the characters, etc.


    I still think it should have been Wren

  • Lyla

    Me too I disappoint me not to reveal who is A, but I will stop watching the show because I am very interested to know who these five years and not going to leave behind for a letdown. I love this series and to the last chapter, I will be a visit.