Who is Charles? 'Pretty Little Liars' Creator Tells All!

Who is Charles? 'Pretty Little Liars' Creator Tells All!

So there was a HUGE reveal during tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars and everyone wants to know exactly who this guy named Charles is!

SPOILER ALERT!!! It was revealed that Charles has been A all this time and he is seemingly the twin brother of Jason (Drew Van Acker).

Now, series creator and executive producer Marlene King is dishing all about the reveal in an Entertainment Tonight interview. Here’s what she had to share:

On how long this ‘A’ has been tormenting the Liars: “Well Mona says that when she was in Radley, this ‘A’ stole the game from her. She was playing the game with this ‘A’ but then this ‘A’ stole the game from her. So if we believe what Mona said — and I am currently believing that — then this ‘A’ stole the game from Mona, starting at the beginning of season three.”

On how long the writers knew that Charles would be A: “We started when we knew that we were going to give the fans the identity of Original A, which [is what] I call Mona, “Original A.” It was before we started writing the scripts for that. We had three or four ideas of who we thought would be a great candidate to steal the game as ‘A’ from Mona, and then vey early on in season three we decided who that character is.”

For more on the reveal, visit ETOnline.com!

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  • inconspicuous detective

    finally. finally finally finally. it could have been my dog that was A and i wouldn’t care. i’m just happy to know who it is.

    • ewelina

      What makes you feel that u know who A is?All you get in ‘big finale’ is a name…literlly a name…f.kidding me? It could be anyone ..ezra..toby..caleb..andrew..even a person who cleaned pub in Rosewood ..thats not reaveal…Im pisst! And when I see people who really happy about finale ..Im even more pisst than I was-.-
      Greetings from Poland

  • lexi

    They had 6 years to plan this and this is the best they come up with? It’s not a twist there’s no foreshadowing, it’s all random scattered pieces. Not impressive at ALL

  • NR7777

    Charles is either Lucas or Andrew. Andrew is the obvious choice (plus -A = Andrew). But Lucas aka Hermy Ali used to call him is also a great candidate. Maybe he wanted to be a girl which is why Ali called him that.. Remember when Hannah went into his room way back when he had a bunch of toys? I could see Lucas being Charles. It’s def someone that’s been around all this time…

  • zwirbelchen

    It could also be Colin the “roommate” by Melissa in London. Melissa and Colin were not together there, or am I wrong here? And someone done the blood into Spencers pocket. What do you think about it?