Mulan Dream Cast - Who Do You Think Should Play the Disney Princess?

Mulan Dream Cast - Who Do You Think Should Play the Disney Princess?

News broke today that Mulan would be made into a live-action film, and the Internet immediately began coming up with possible dream casting scenarios for the leading lady.

Mulan is about a girl who disguises herself as a man so she can take her father’s place in the army and go to war. With the help of her trusty dragon sidekick Mushu, she becomes a skilled warrior and, eventually, one of the country’s greatest heroines.

We here at have come up with a list of some actresses who we would love to see take on the awesome princess.

Click through the slideshow below to check out our choices!

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  • klutzy_girl

    Chloe Bennet, please and thank you (also need Ming to make an appearance somehow).

    • flyby

      Chloe Bennet even though she is half chinese doesn’t even look Asian

  • Jereomy

    Piper Curda

    • Joolz

      Yeah I’d like to see that! Her or Brenda Song!

  • hi

    arden cho

  • The Tiger Psy

    Arden Cho.
    You must get this role <3

  • Kare Tori

    Fan BingBing for me <3

  • Eden20

    Amber liu

    • VIPyellowowlfy


    • Sumjong


    • Daisy June

      Omg YES! She can totally pull of then crossdress look.

  • Frederik

    Mulan already is a live action film. <_< It came out in 2009.

    • Iti1492

      I said that same thing when I read the tittle.

  • Vicky Vargas

    Arden Cho <3

  • Daryl Rosales

    zhu zhu from marco polo

  • Damion Linder

    Reanne Cuaresma……. This is your shot!!! Time to make it happen!!!

  • Sarah Lahey


  • Joolz

    Brenda Song as Mulan! Sounds like Wendy Wu sort of & I loved that movie!

  • Joolz

    My top 3: Brenda Song, Ashly Argota, or Piper Curda!

  • Lily Bale-Law

    Me! I hide my feelings by making jokes of it so people and myself may enjoy a good laugh at what life has to bring, love my family, and I’m Asian! I mean, you’re pretty much posting celebs that are Asian girls. I’m not a celebrity but I’m Asian. I’m half way there? :)

  • ShoMeSho

    we should give the role to a talented unknown, preferably of chinese descent to avoid too much controversy. but seriously on the new faces part because the asian celebrity is still basically nonexistent in hollywood. disney should take this as a chance to really give asian americans a chance to break into the market

  • shank

    Arden Cho has what it takes action-wise, and I really really love her, but I do think Mulan needs to be played by someone who is Chinese, and not just an Asian.

  • Maybelline

    Constance Wu needs to be on this poll!!!

  • WithYouForever

    Half of those don’t even look Chinese >< and Zhang Ziyi is too old.

    Crystal Liu Yifei will be perfect.

    Another good choice for Mulan would be Nini. She acted in Flowers of War with Christian Bale.

    Then cast Kris Wu as Shang. Since he can sing too.

  • Guest

    Li Bingbing is suited for the roll.

  • Minoz

    Li bingbing is suited for the roll.

  • Benjamin Tracey

    I think Katie Leung should portray Mulan. She has plenty of potential. Anyone who doesn’t think so is either a person with no idea what it means to be convinced about or to believe in one’s talent in potential, constant critique, disparager, muckworm or a naysayer. And besides, she’s quite accomplished, already. If she can play some young girl in a play based on a book about the story of China’s communist government’s rise to power, some “illegal” immigrant to Britain from China and a young Chinese born British girl raised by British parents help her biological mother save her biological brother who is her mother’s second child from the death penalty for a crime that her brother stands accused of but didn’t commit, then she can certainly portray a young woman who disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in the Chinese armies from Ancient China times to save her country from crafty yet ruthless, nefarious, notorious, infamous, ruthless, merciless and non-compassionate invaders. Besides, part of her heritage may be Scottish, but part of her heritage also consists of something at least like Chinese. Also, she even speaks a few dialects of some Chinese languages.

  • Lady Li

    SMH at all these Teen Wolf fans wanting a Korean actress playing a legendary Chinese warrior. Asians are not interchangeable.


    • Rayssa

      are two friend ;)

  • kikokayyy

    Ziyi Zhang, plz back to hollywood again!!! I’m waiting……

  • disqus_hhxWi6ePBT

    JANEL PARRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arya Jacobs

    Ming-Na Wen all the way

  • Tayrodactyl

    Someone who’s actually Chinese.

  • Jasmin

    Arden cho is Korean! Please vote Brenda Song, Ziyi Zang, or Ashley Argota, they are the only Chinese ones

  • Amanda

    How about someone who’s, I don’t know, actually Chinese rather than perpetuate the idea that any Asian actress can play a chinese character.

  • Daisy June

    Looks like Arden Cho is leading.. *sigh* FYI, people. Arden Cho, along with Jamie Chung and Jenna, all have KOREAN blood. Ashley is Filipino. The ones with real Chinese blood are Zhiyi Zhang (pure Chinese!), Brenda Song and Kristin Kreuk.

  • larryshipper1

    This is to disrespectful to asian people!!! Only one of them born in china.

  • Emma

    Amber Liu from f(x)!

  • Jessica

    Janel Parrish

  • Skye

    Katie Leung (Cho Chang in harry potter) has proved how good an actress she can be despite only being 27 as well as being able to show actual emotion. Whereas people on that list like Brenda Song don’t suit the role because she suits happier roles.

  • Boops

    What about a Tibetan actress, considering our country got taken over by China and we are now branded Chinese can I take a shot at it too?

  • Sabri Na

    I persanlly think that the korean actress Shin Min Ah should be Mulan.
    She is young, beutiful and a very good actress. for those who doesent know who she is , here is a link ;)

  • ashjw



  • saba SATTAR

    Not Arden ! I really LOVE Arden but she’s korean not chinese, WE WANT A CHINESE ACTRESS !!