Win a Signed Copy of 'The Originals' Prequel Book (& Read an Exclusive Excerpt!)

Win a Signed Copy of 'The Originals' Prequel Book (& Read an Exclusive Excerpt!)

The Originals fans, we have something super special just for you!

JJJ is giving away two copies the prequel book “The Originals: The Rise,” just ahead of the highly-anticipated release of the series’ second book “The Originals: The Loss.” Oh, and did we mention they are signed by the show’s Creator/Executive Producer Julie Plec and star Charles Michael Davis?!

“In ‘The Originals: The Rise,’ ‘The Loss,’ and ‘The Resurrection,’ you’ll get to see sides of the Mikaelson vampires you never knew existed,” Julie says. “Turn the page for a book that has all the romance, murder, and mayhem of the TV show, and a story that will keep you thirsting for more.”

Check out an exclusive excerpt from the novel inside!

Enter below from now until midnight ET on Sunday, April 5 for a chance to win! Good luck!

Click inside to read an exclusive excerpt from the book…

“The Originals: The Loss by Julie Plec”

In the main room, Rebekah and Klaus were locked in a pointlessly vicious struggle. Neither of them had a silver dagger or, thankfully, a white oak stake, the only two weap¬ons that could take down an Original vampire. All they could accomplish was annoying each other and making fools of themselves. Their wounds would heal, but the embarrassment would linger.

Elijah grabbed Klaus by the collar and threw him backward, then stepped forward to rest his foot against Rebekah’s chest. He heard Klaus struggling to stand, and held out a warning hand. “Enough,” he said, his voice low. “The two of you were content to let the house burn around you. Over what?”

They both began to argue at once, and he held his hand up again to silence them. Then, reluctantly, he pointed to Klaus. He would rather hear Rebekah’s ver¬sion of events first, as it was almost certainly the more accurate one. But Klaus would never sit by and let her tell it. Giving him this small concession would help reestablish peace.

“Our sister is out of control,” Klaus spat contemptu¬ously. “I asked for her help in finding a simple trinket, and she followed me around the house, attacking me like some kind of madwoman.”
To Elijah’s shock, Klaus stormed from the room without waiting to hear another word, scattering the remaining guests as he went.

“He’s lost his mind,” Rebekah argued, shoving Elijah away and sitting up. “I don’t know what he’s up to, but this thing he wants is no mere trinket. He wants it too badly.”

There was no doubting that she was right.

Elijah couldn’t imagine what Klaus was looking for, or why it had suddenly gripped his brother that he must have it right now, in the middle of the night. Klaus should have been enjoying the party, not tearing the house apart. Something had set him off, and Elijah reluctantly guessed that he would need to get to the bottom of this.

Together, they followed the telltale sounds of Klaus’s renewed search to Elijah’s bedroom. He felt a quick pang of frustration—Klaus’s selfishness never stopped intruding on everyone else’s lives.

“You’re not welcome in this room, brother,” Elijah warned him, his voice cold and menacing. “Whatever this trinket is to you, you are still a member of this fam¬ily, and this sort of behavior is unacceptable.”

He thought he heard Klaus chuckle under his breath as he opened Elijah’s wardrobe and began hunting. Elijah understood why Rebekah had lost her patience and attacked him—there seemed to be no other way to get through to him in this state.

“If we knew what he wanted . . .” Rebekah whis¬pered, her blue eyes flicking sideways to meet his own. She was right. If they could find it first, they would have some leverage to make Klaus . . . what, though? Apologize? Explain? Think? None of that was likely.

“Tell us what you want, brother,” Elijah ordered.

To his surprise, Klaus emerged from the wardrobe, looking almost reasonable. “I want to be left alone, brother,” he retorted sarcastically. His voice was light, but his blue-green eyes blazed with a passion that Elijah thought bordered on madness. Perhaps Rebekah was right. Maybe their brother really was losing his wits. He had not been the same since that terrible night Vivianne Lescheres had died, but it wasn’t as if they all hadn’t experienced a loss during their long lives.

“You don’t have the right to be left alone,” Elijah said. “I have spent decades building a kingdom for us, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Instead, you let our house burn while you think only of what you want. The same will happen with this entire city if you aren’t careful.”

Klaus simply walked away. He didn’t respond or complain or argue, just sauntered past them as if he had not heard a single word.

Something had shifted within his brother. They heard a door slam downstairs, then Elijah felt the hair stand up on his arms. He could hear the sound of Klaus whistling. Cheerfully.

“Good riddance,” Rebekah muttered, once the sound had faded into silence. But Elijah knew that this wasn’t the last they’d hear of this. Klaus was up to no good, and whatever his plan, he was just getting started.

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  • Azhar Amanda Baghal

    Klaus because, though he may do the wrong thing and be evil, he still values family the most and has a soft side.

  • RuthieVDO

    Elijah! Who doesn’t love a man in a suit?! :)


    Elijah because family is power

  • Texas_Susan

    How can I pick just one favorite!? I love them all…the vampires, the wolfs, the hybrids and the witches! But I think at the moment my favorite character is Hayley. She is such a strong independent woman. And she is doing what is right for her pack even though she has so many hard choices to make like leaving Elijah alone and marrying Jackson.

  • Kait

    Klaus 100%, funny how on vampire diaries i couldn’t stand him but watching this spin-off has made me seen what type of person he’s grown into and why and i loveeee it and him!

  • farhiya

    klaus because he is funny. He is one of the most wired person on the spin off and i love wired people so yeah klaus is my favorite

  • Carpe Diem

    Klaus – for his wry sense of humour

  • Sue Barney

    Hmm hard decision I Love em all for different reasons but if I have to pick a favorite it would have to be Klaus because he is very loyal and you do not wanna mess with him!

  • Tammy D

    I love Klaus , I love his sense of humor…!!

  • Jayda Thompson

    I love Klaus because he’s so feisty

  • Stephanie Ann Raposo

    Rebekah because all she wants is to find love

  • bill norris

    Rebekah…. she kicks much booty and doesnt take fools lightly.

  • ?milija Sykes

    Elijah!!!! ??????