Calum Worthy Has A Ton of Projects In The Works

Calum Worthy Has A Ton of Projects In The Works

Calum Worthy gives his best model face in this new shot from the April 2015 issue of NKD mag.

The 24-year-old actor is opening up on where he’s going, when and just how far. Check it:

On just how he started in acting: “I’d like to say I had this burning desire from the get-go, but I think it’s just something I always did. I go through these phases, I got really energized and excited and worked for four years, and then I stopped working for a little bit and got unmotivated and lost confidence and then I got back again. You go through these periods where you just want to be the normal kid and just go to high school. Then you get really into it and go back and forth. There were girls I liked, so I didn’t want to miss out on that.”

On the fans: “The beautiful thing with [this fame from Austin & Ally notoriety] is I got this fan base that really started to see me in a certain way, they saw me as this quirky, comedic actor, and that actually is who I really am anyway. If I can bring this audience with me and keep working with storytellers that I trust, that’s what I want to do next. I feel very lucky that the character I get to play on TV is also the brand that I want to have as my career.”

On what he’s working on next: “We have a bunch of shows we’re working on. We have development deals with Disney, with Dreamworks, with Maker [Studios]. Disney was so awesome because they gave me my first TV show that I could run. Disney, for some reason, really trusts us – they give us the budget and we get to just be creative. They just let us run free and it’s been amazing.”

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Photos: Catherine Powell/NKD
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