Bonnie & Damon (#Bamon) Fans React to Nina Dobrev Leaving 'The Vampire Diaries'

Bonnie & Damon (#Bamon) Fans React to Nina Dobrev Leaving 'The Vampire Diaries'

The Vampire Diaries fans are still reeling over the news that leading lady Nina Dobrev is moving on from the series.

Still, some viewers are finding solace in the fact that this could open up the door for new potential couples, specifically Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

The duo has always had an on-and-off friendship (if you would even call it that back in the earlier seasons), but have grown extremely close this year after spending months locked inside a 1994 prison world together.

Now that Elena may be out of the picture, will Bamon finally happen? Check out some fan reactions below!

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  • FringeOTP

    I’m super excited for bamon, kat and ian’s chemistry and tension is amazing and they would look gorgeous making out, right?

  • V.S.

    poky couple that will exist only because Nina left the show

    • Breezy

      And Elena had to be sired and a vampire to even give Damon a second glance. You were saying?

      • Alessandro Wickham

        he killed his brother and make all stupid choices but shes talking about nina leaving and making the bamon ship happen, which i think is the same mistake they are gonna make just like steroline that i dont see chemistry

      • V.S.

        Sire bond was a great story line, as well as all Delena, not that stupid Bamon, who made only from despair and ruin the Damon’s character

  • Nisha

    I’m so excited!!! Bring on the Bamon!!

  • Whitty Huton

    Bamon has been happening from the get-go…Nina leaving means that more people are going to see what the rest of us have seen for years. That said, best wishes to Nina :) *pours champagne for my Bamon folks*

  • LittleWitch

    Finally ! It’s been 6 years I’m more than ready for Bamon :-)

  • chromeknickers

    I wish Nina all the best in her career. Now that I’ve got that out of the way… BRING ON THE BAMON! It’s been the highlight of S6 by far.

  • Gabriella

    I AM SO HERE FOR BAMON AND STEROLINE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. All the best to Nina, but I really think the show’s going to feel so invigorated now that it doesn’t revolve around a thoroughly spent character (Elena). Bamon feels so fresh and different. Really, really excited for season 7.

  • Michelle

    Yassssss WE WANT BAMON!!!!!!

    • Eliza

      No we don’t.

      • jessica

        yes we do

        • Eliza

          Majority actually disagrees.

          • Michelle

            Majority has no reason to watch now so bye…WE WANT BAMON

          • Michelle

            Plus the majority isn’t even from the US where the ratings are counted. DE made 3 million viewers stop watching hopefully they’ll COME BACK NOW since DE Is Done…JS

          • Eliza

            You’re an example of the people who don’t understand how to read simple data. You should be embarrassed.

          • Michelle

            Okayyyyy… How about facts. VD started with 4 million viewers and now season 6 the delena diaries is at about a 1.3. Fact is DE scared viewers away including me who stopped watching around season 3. But I’m backkkk for you know who.

          • Eliza

            Bamon isn’t even a thing, by the way. If it happens in season 7, it’s literally because Elena is not there. Talk about settling.

          • Michelle


  • Kriszti

    Yes, finally! The beginning of a new era. I’m looking forward to next season. More Defan moment, Baroline… And yes! Finally! Bamon is coming. Can’t wait. I’m waiting for six years for Bamon. It’s about time!

  • shan

    I have been watching tvd since season one in hopes that Bamon will become a couple. I’m glad they are finally being explored. Bamon is endgame.

  • Tracy

    Time to bring on Bamon. They really need to happen!

  • Sassy Angel ?

    I really hope Bamon will happen next season, they were the BEST part of S6.

  • Team Bacon

    Im so overjoyed!I’ve been rooting for bamon for 3 years Now,and I feel like their time is coming! I just pray to god that the writers don’t screw them over the way they’ve done others in the past.We deserve this!

  • PiperBlue24

    Super excited for what’s to come! Bamon is the absolute best thing to happen to and on this show!! There has already been such an influx of new fans to the tags since they started showing a more overt relationship between Bonnie & Damon this season, and as their bond grows, more folks will see all the Bamon awesomeness that we’ve seen for forever!!! : )

  • Bamon is SO ON. Will die and sink with this ship ! Bout damn time !!!

  • Brooke

    So excited! Bamon deserve a real chance. There’s so much chemistry between them and I honestly think they could write a beautiful relationship built on trust and friendship. Damon is a better person and doesn’t ignore his own personal growth when he’s with Bonnie!


    I would love to see Bonnie’s and Damon’s relationship slowly build and be different to the dysfunctional Delena counterpart. A big part of the appeal to Bonnie’s character and her bond with Damon is that Bonnie is such a good caring person who is also grounded and has a HEALTHY relationship with Damon.

    Ian and Kat also have a lot of chemistry on set and the two seem personally invested in exploring Bamon territory. I honestly feel that Elena was a washed out character whom detracted from the MAIN point of TVD, the Salvatore brothers. Hopefully season 7 will bring many good things, it could be very promising.

  • Nethy

    I’m excited for Bamon.

  • moonchild

    You guys can hope for Bamon all you want but VD will be ending after season 7. You really think it’s going to last? The only reason it’s lasted this long was because of the devotion of Delena fans. There are not enough Bamon fans to keep this show going. They just lost 3 leads, it’s over. Also, Bamon is the most awkward ship ever. Lmao. #Delusionals.

    • Michelle

      Please don’t delude yourself into thinking DE kept this show afloat. Do u forget that this is the CW network. Do u not remember OTH lasting nearly 10 seasons with a 1.3 in ratings around the last 3 seasons. CW does not care about ratings, if they did all their shows would be canceled. VD has lost 3 million viewers due to delena and they still carried on the series, now nina is gone and guess what there still carrying on the series. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT RATINGS. #Delusionals

      • moonchild

        And you’re deluded into thinking TVD will last long without Nina. As I stated, there is PROOF Delena kept the show alive. But of course you idiots don’t know what proof is. Lmao.

  • Katerina Smith

    This might just make me start watching the show again. Bamon FTW!

  • Guest

    Excellent! Bring on Bamon!

  • Littleone63

    So I see those who oppose Bamon are saying they might ONLY happen because Elena (Nina) is leaving the show. Well if the writers were more daring prior to this they might have had some better earlier seasons. Personally I’m over the weak leading lady who has had an “epic love” with both Salvatore brothers. Personally I never found anything romantic about that at all. I know you can fall in love with someone else but REALLY with the brother of your “love of a lifetime”. Also, really Damon pursuing the girl of your brother. That story line bored me beyond belief. I have watched S6 for Bonnie, Caroline, Damon, Stefan, and Kai. I slowed down my watching with S4 and almost completely stopped with S5 because well I just couldn’t. I almost tuned out S6 when I thought it was going to be more focusing on “selfish it’s ALL about ME ALL the TIME Elena”, but Bonnie, Damon and Kai were a welcomed surprise. Thankfully they were smart enough to finally give Bonnie and Damon and Caroline and Stefan a more in depth relationship and much needed screen time with minimal Elena interruptions. I wish Nina well but she has NOT been the reason I watched for some quite some time now!!

  • Barbarella Galaxina

    YES Bamon is coming I hope also good luck Nina D

  • theonlyandoneme

    Clearly, some celebrities can’t separate fiction from real life… So sorry, but I won’t watch TVD without Elena.

    • Kriszti

      Clearly, some fans can’t seperate fiction from real life…

      • theonlyandoneme

        I don’t know if your comment implied I was that type of fan. Clearly, you didn’t get me at all… The Vampire Diaries is about Elena’s story. I’ve read the books, and Elena was present in them all. They all signed for six seasons. The show was meant to last six seasons… Do they think they can have some profit without the main character? No! It’s better if TVD ends now with all the main characters, then flop on the seventh season.

        • Michelle

          Technically she was dead in one book and didn’t come back till the next. But i wanna know where was your concern for this show when they were massacring it with delena. They have been totally ignoring the original books writer’s vision. Now you want to come around and use the books as evidence. No the show was ruined a long time ago when they decided to ignore stelena and bamon. Now they have delena’s rabid fans on them lol.

          • theonlyandoneme

            Yes she was dead in one book but she was present by spirit, trying yi contact them. Bamon never happens in the books, they go to an Universe world and share a kiss, that’s all. Damon is head over heels over Elena only. Delena is endgame in the books, Bonnie dates a werewolf and Stefan ends up with someonr else. Elena is present in all books, everything happens around her. I wont watch thr show without the main, simple as that.

          • Michelle

            Did you not read the part where I said the original writer/creator’s vision. Your listing out things written by a ghost writer. That means this book you seem to be praising is a fake, false, fraudulent mediocre depiction of how the story ends. Its sad because the women who created this world has to write it as a fanfic on Amazon. She could not let HER books end so awful. Right now she has Bamon as Soul Mates that has not admitted It to themselves. Bonnie and Damon are with other people practically living a lie. Elena lost her memories (sounds familiar) but they are of Stefan. No doubt in my mind this story is supposed to end with Stelena and Bamon. Problem with TVD is that they got away from the original vision of the books and thats why this show has failed. Take it from shows like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones who use the comic book and book to guide them through the process of the shows. They don’t change things drastically like TVD does which makes them a success and TVD not. Also u never know Nina could be their in spirit next season.

          • theonlyandoneme

            Alright, first… The books might have ended in an awful manner to you, but many people enjoys how it ends. It’s your opinion, I have my opinion and we must respect it. Second, there is this quote of LJ Smith…

            “The Vampire Diaries is the story of Elena falling in love with Damon.” L.J. Smith

            I haven’t read her fanfics, but while she wrote Delena, several times she mentioned them as Soul Flames. There’s a huge difference between being a soul mate, and soul flames. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Bamon turning into a brotp. But in the show and from what I’ve read about the books and the fanfics Smith is writing, Delena is endgame. Game of Thrones is produced by HBO. TVD by the CW. Two different companies with different point of views. Damon and Elena put CW where they are now. They’ve brought many awards and popularity on the show. Taking Elena from the show will end it. My friends who watch the show won’t watch the next season. Even my Stelena friends won’t watch. Yes, Bonnie is important, but we’ve come this far because of Elena and how everyone’s story envolved around her.

            And last, but not least… Nothing will change my position that this Bamon promotion has Ian’s and Kat’s fingers on it. Don’t get me wrong, but I have this feeling Nina didn’t sign for a next season because of all the real life drama Ian and Kat pushed on the show. She had an entire year to decide if she would keep on or not, and their acts only made her more sure of her decision.

  • Jack

    Damon and Bonnie have amazing chemistry. From enemies, to friends, to lovers! Sounds like an epic love story to me! Can’t wait for TVD season 7!

  • Liz

    Good luck and congrats Nina. But hoping to see what happens with bamon in the future.

  • eternalozzie

    As a huge fan of the first few seasons I am extremely disappointed at the terrible writing this season and last. This show should have ended 2 years ago.

  • Former TVD Viewer

    I haven’t watched TVD in over 2 seasons. After hearing about Nina’s departure and the potential for Bamon to actually become canon, all I can say is…I’M BACK BIATCHES! Oh, and I wish Nina all the best in her future endeavors. NOW BRING ON BAMON!

  • Graziela

    Bamon’s gotta be the most unexpectedly beautiful thing that has happened to TVD. looking forward for a well-written, meaningful relationship between these two.

  • valencia holliday

    bamon bring it i’m here for it. nina i wish you best of luck

  • Queen K

    I am beyond excited for Bamon in the upcoming season, for Belfavore as a whole and what this might mean for Bonnie as a character…

  • Lenny

    NOOO, WE DON´T WANNA ROMANTIC BAMON!!!JUST ONLY AS A FRIENDSHIP!!! Ian with Kat have no chemistry!What is wrong with you, guys?Really?Does everyone has to be with everyone in the show???It is awkward!If Damon has to fall in love again, I want new woman for him!Pleaseee NO BAMON!

    • Alessandro Wickham

      agree, same with stefan and caroline i only see friendship but people are way too sick that when they see a woman and a man be friends they think they should get laid, thats the problem with all the fandom

  • Bonniesalvatore

    YES!! We love Bamon. <3 They are so interesting and exciting. I really love the Vampire-witch Dynamic. Bamon made season 6 to my fav tvd season! <3

  • Samantha

    This show is turning into the jersey shore. They are suppose to be friends and they date each other. Elena dated Matt, Stefan, and Damon Caroline dated Matt, Tyler and now is “in love” with Stefan. This is getting too ridiculous and now Bonnie is going to get Elena’s sloppy seconds? Like seriously arent they more people in this town?

    • Michelle

      I think you mean Elena got her Mama’s sloppy seconds

  • Jovonne Beyreis

    Yes! I truly hope TVD goes in the Bamon direction. Nothing sudden… Bonnie is too good to be a rebound girl. A steady build up to an enduring, passionate romance. Make it happen, Plec and Dries! ????

  • LittleWitch

    Bamon is coming :-)

  • Ele

    Yeah Bamon I love them so much I shipped them from the books of L.J. Smith that I read before that the show came on air and also if book bamon are a little different from show bamon I love both

  • Lulu

    So many people quit watching because Elena was so boring. I felt like I was watching real life Nina last season. So now that she’s leaving I think the show has a chance to get many viewers back. I know the Delena diehards say they won’t watch but I don’t think that’s very many judging by twitter comments. I love Damon and will watch just for him.

  • John D

    I hope that after some time away, Nina comes back. It will be a good way to “reboot” her character and get away from the Delena crap. I personally would like to see now that she has taken the cure to either leave town with Alaric or go to be with Jeremy. Then at some point, Kai needing to absorb some magic, absorbs the cure out of Elena making her a vampire again. There can be plenty of interesting story lines of Elena having to cope with being a vampire again while dealing with Kai and the Heretics. I would also like to see Elena and Caroline help Matt heal from all his psychological wounds so he no longer hates all vampires so that eventually he can be an ideal replacement for Liz Forbes as sheriff. The writers biggest failure was focusing too much on the “Delena” drama instead of developing Elena’s character as a vampire who is doing her best to fight her nature and be a good vampire. At the same time they made Damon too weak and not enough of a villain. At any rate, I hope the writers do not kill Elena off and make it possible for her to return. We have seen Alaric leave and return, we saw Bonnie die and return. I hope Elena and maybe Jeremy do the same, hopefully by season 7′s end. Season 7 really needs to be epic of TVD is to make it to season 8.