Zendaya Wants To See 'Positive Change' On 'Fashion Police' When It Returns

Zendaya Wants To See 'Positive Change' On 'Fashion Police' When It Returns

Zendaya is opening up for the first time since the announcement that Fashion Police will be returning to E! in September.

The 18-year-old K.C. Undercover actress, who was at the center of the show’s controversy after host Guiliana Rancic said some controversial remarks about her Oscar hairstyle, sat down with ET about the return of the show and Guiliana.

“Honestly, I just like to see positive things and positive reinforcement. I wanted this to be a positive experience and for people to learn from it, people to grow from it,” Zendaya shared.

She added, “That’s all that I hope. That their show is able to learn and grow and hopefully positive — be more positive.”

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  • https://twitter.com/pamela_swain Pamela

    Why why why why why did you take out the dreadlocks…..they win when you do things like that.

  • beautylover

    What a hypocrite she use to guest star as a host when Joan was still alive and it never bothered her she just wanted the attention which she got but too bad no one will ever care about her after this.
    anyway i’m so sad to see what happened to fashion Police it use to be such a good humurous show but it went downhill after Joan’s passing.

    • http://www.novelalounge.com NovelaLounge.com

      I agree with you…her stupidity and wanting attention ruined Fashion Police. Giuliana’s comment had nothing to do with race, but she made it about race to gain attention and she did.

      • Dat_chick

        Idiot, morbidly anorexic Rancic is the reason for the downfall of that show. I hope it never returns and she never appears on tv again. Her comment was racist! Don’t blame Zendaya for her putting her foot in her mouth.

    • Dat_chick

      Rancic ruined the show with her racist comments. I hope the stupid broad never works another day on tv again.

  • Jay

    I hate this fugly nig! Nobody care what she wants!

    If it wasn’t for affirmative action, Disney would have never hired her.

    • wisdom

      Don’t get caught saying that in Oakland, Haha. That’s why all your kids got AFROS!

  • j k

    gurl stop making it about you

  • Uptownman

    Here’s hoping her crappy Disney show gets cancelled soon.

  • Jenny from the flop

    And who the f does this irrelevent child think she she to say how fashion police should be like. You ain’t he CEO and be thankful for Giuliana for giving you your 15 minutes of fans

  • mayo queen

    Guliana is literally copping her fame from Joan Rivers and other peoples celebrity. And you’re calling Zendaya irrelevant? Lmfao. At least Zendaya WORKED for her fame. And Zendaya didn’t mind being on fashion police because Joan never made blatantly racist comments, so lmffaaoooo, sit down, Guliana Rancic is racist trash who praised white girl Kylie Jenner for her disgustingly done treads as “urban” and “cool”, but a black girl wears a hairstyle from her culture and suddenly it reminds her of weed and oil? Stop defending this piece of garbage, Guliana was irrelevant af until she spewed her racist thoughts into the world. She’s trying so hard to be the next Joan Rivers, it’s pathetic. They shouldn’t be bringing FP back at all; they should’ve canceled it once Joan died.

    • lurker2015

      You did not watch the show then clearly. Joan was an equal opportunity offender.

      • mayo queen

        Offensive, sure, but not racist. Read my comment, lmfao. She was never flat out racist like Guliana.

    • crystal221

      Both are irrelevant. Zendaya’s fame is from Disney. She didn’t didn’t have to do much work for her semi fame, she got it because she was on a very popular Disney show (anyone on Disney can become famous if they are on a high profile Disney show/movie. Demi Lavato did before Camp Rock was even aired) and Disney groomed her to be one of the next big Disney stars.

      Until she moves on from Disney and establishes a successful career without them, she has them to thank for her fame. And Guliana as well because before the inappropriate remarks, she rarely got mainstream media attention. Only the tween/teen magazines, blogs etc were interested in her. I personally think she’s secretly happy about what happened because it gave her fame a big boost.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Zendaya seems to have made herself famous by playing a fake race card. She will always be a nobody to me.