David Henrie Says He Can Ride A Segway Better Than Kevin James

David Henrie Says He Can Ride A Segway Better Than Kevin James

Who saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 in theater this weekend?!

Starring Kevin James, Raini Rodriguez and David Henrie, the film landed in second place at the box office with $24 million.

On opening day, JJJ had a second Blarty Party with David where he answered a ton of questions from fans and from us. Check out all his answers below!

On his segway skills: “Yeah [I picked them all up]. I can ride one better than Kevin.”

On which co-star would go first in a zombie apocalypse: “@Raini_Rodriguez probably. Sorry Raini ;)”

On if he took anything from set: “No, I didn’t take anything from set…actually I took a pair of jeans and I think shoes… shhh…”

On how he would really react to an overprotective dad: “Maya is not down with her dad being so protective and personally I respect a guy for protecting his daughter.”

On what it was like working with Kevin on two movies: “One was a comedy & one was a drama, it was nice to see Kevin show his versatility and I was happy to do the same.”

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On what he bonded with Raini over: “We both have similar roots and love our families.”

On his craziest encounter with a fan: “Some girl once screamed “Holy nuts” at me and startled me.”

On how he liked filming in Vegas: “I had a great time. Hung out with the cast a lot during our down time, worked out, and enjoyed the #Wynn spa.”

On the scene he couldn’t stop laughing at: “The scene where @KevinJames fights the bird.Classic.”

On music vs. TV: “Music. I don’t have any time to watch TV. Unless its dragon ball z, then I do have time.”

On his superpower and super hero name: “My super power would be to fly and my name would be Flying Nimbus.”

On his favorite color: “My favorite color is red. Blue is up there too. But I really like red. Ya red.”

On his relationship with Selena Gomez: “Our relationship is good, were still good friends.”

On what he loves about his fans: “It’s nice to have real people always around telling u whats up and my fans sure do that.”

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