Julie Plec Explains Nina Dobrev's Decision to Leave 'Vampire Diaries'

Julie Plec Explains Nina Dobrev's Decision to Leave 'Vampire Diaries'

Fans are still upset over Nina Dobrev‘s decision to leave the cast of The Vampire Diaries and now the show’s co-creator Julie Plec is opening up about how she tried to get the actress to stay longer.

“She was just looking forward to moving on with no hard feelings and no drama,” Julie said on the KCRW podcast last week.

“This is taking the personal out of it completely, from a storytelling point of view it’s a great challenge. As writers in the room we’re finding it very rejuvenating. Just on a strictly creative exercise level,” she added.

Nina had said earlier this year that she wanted to be done and we spent a little bit of time trying to talk her out of it. [We'd say,] ‘Oh, look at all these great plans of how you can stay!’” she explained. “And she finally was like, ‘No, I signed up for six years. I’ve done my six years. I’m ready to move on and spread my wings.’”

ARE YOU SAD that Nina Dobrev is leaving The Vampire Diaries?

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  • Kevin Chiu

    6 seasons, the whole vampire diaries thing is boring enough, time to start something new.

    • Suzy

      I agree they wrapped her part by sending her to sleep for 60 yrs. HU! Still dont get that and I watched the last 2 eps 3 times
      It could have ended then just an extra episoide wrapping it up
      All going off in to their futures and the Vamps knowing one day
      Elena would wake.They are stringing it out to get the last ounce out of it. IMO there wont be a series 8
      Not unless Nina wakes and returns

  • jia

    Lol this was not the actual reason.She left TVD cuz of ion!

    • Suzy

      IMO I think your right. Shes not a HUGE movie star
      Nor is anyone on VD they are TV actors rich yes no doubt
      But none seem to have that special something! Not even Ian.
      IDK how she managed to do the rest of series 5 never mind 6.
      The spark was gone in 6 and they werent together that much.
      Wonder how much of series 6 was written to keep them apart
      As much as possible on screeen together? We will never know
      Plus 6 is enough for any series IMO they are already typecast
      I thought Ian would have made a great CG in 50 shades YET!
      He didnt get it and Im sure he would have taken it for the pawltry sum JD took to play it. JD is getting a motsa this time.
      @ Dakotta not measly $100.000s this time its $Millions.
      It would have made Ian a A lister you only need the ONE
      Followed by another and your normally made for life in Films

      • jia


  • jia

    Ion was her bf so that’s y.

  • Donna K Riley

    jealousy ended tvd.bonnie jealous of Niña and others. Niña dobrev is the best, she has awesome talent and no one can touch her not even bonnie. Damon can have bonnie, Niña is more for Stefan. I knew it was over between them in season five and season 6 made it worse. they should have left Niña with Liam or matt. tvd is Niña dobrev,epic.

  • hanna cristine reyes

    omy goodness ,why did she leave ,it really breaks my heartb when she leaves ,i want her back ,shes the one desserve in her role ,she ,im crying ,stefan ,elena and damon are great combination of all the characters ,im still hoping she comeback

  • Abi

    Awe Nina…we will all miss you xx I wish you never left!

  • buya

    I sad come back nina

  • Aomine Daiki

    oh god bye elena

  • Natalie

    Come back Nina i miss you being on the vampire daries and i love you and Damon so much


    she had to go!
    Ian got married to her best friend ,and i think she lost face.

    how would you feel if you had a boyfriend for a few years and he asked you to get married and the whole nine yards and you asked to take a break- just for a while -then your best friend SWOOPS IN

    -and steals him from you? then the 2 idiots get engaged! then they get married!

    i would be so mad ,of course she’s gonna leave!
    she has to get some sought of revenge!
    and dont tell me its not about that -because when nikki -nina’s
    “friend” wasnt dating Ian ,it was ok for nikki to go on the set and watch.

    then ,when Ian asked nikki out on a date and she said yes -
    that burned a whole in nina’s heart.
    now ,nina,feels mad when she seen nikki on the set.
    (remember that story)

    and its funny how Ian switched women -he was dating nina for 2 years but in less than 3 months he’s engaged and planning
    a wedding with nikki?

    so this show is gonna burn and fizzle!
    and this is the last year of this show.
    so better nina leave on a good rating than what these idiots are gonna do.

    its not even worth watching without nina!

  • Katrina Teopinto

    Oh My. TVD would never be the same with you Nina. You are one of the main reasons why people are watching TVD. We want to see your good and naughty side as a Vampire. And we want you to have a Happily Ever After with Damon. Please come back. ;(

  • Cecile Oblero Cuevas

    i want nina in TVD

  • Tyhessia

    The show is called the Vampire Diaries, it was about the life of the original vampires of the show Stephan and Damon, Elana was just a girl/vampire that was apart of their story. The Vampire Diaries can go on for years without Elana, it is a great show.

  • Angus12

    Move on to what. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of her since. If fact the shows better without her.