CW Cancels 'The Messengers'; Joel Courtney Promises You'll See All 13 Episodes

CW Cancels 'The Messengers'; Joel Courtney Promises You'll See All 13 Episodes

Sad news — The CW has cancelled new series, The Messengers.

The show centers on a mysterious object crashes on earth and a group of unconnected strangers die from an energy pulse it emits, but then re-awaken to find out that they have been deemed responsible for preventing the impending Apocalypse.

While the network has decided not to renew the show, star Joel Courtney promised fans that you’ll get to see all 13 episodes.

“The CW Network will air all 13 episodes of the #TheMessengers. You definitely want to see how this series ends! #JC” Joel tweeted to his fans.

He added, “#TheMessengers is not picked up for Season 2. But I’ll be watching & tweeting with you thru the end of the series!”

ARE YOU SAD that The Messengers was cancelled?

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  • Laura Craigo

    This show is better than most.

  • Joshua Hamous

    Just found this show on Hulu Last night and watched first two episodes, The show is really good. The network should give it a chance. I havent seen any adds for the show. All new shows should get 2 seasons at least.

  • non1amato

    I just stumbled onto it myself by accident. Only show i watch on tv other then news, and Walking Dead. Not happy. This is why I wait till shows are cancelled to watch them on amazon or netflix so i dont waste time investing in a show that gets cancelled right away. It has aired 3 shows I believe and its cancelled.

  • W2407

    How is this cancelled?! It’s only like 3 or 4 episodes in, it’s like it didn’t even have a chance. I loved the last episode and it just showed what the show was capable of. I was JUST getting into it. This is a mistake. It’s a lot better than other shows the CW renewed. Give it a chance!

  • Sondra Georgia

    I know why it is cancelled. It is kinda fake. The script makes out of date references. Like in one of the first episodes a drug deal was going down and they called cocaine the outdated slang word “blow”. The acting is pretty bad. The guy who play the fugitive turned agent is awesome. Vera is not too bad but since the script has flaws, the acting needs to be better. I also don’t see a connection within the cast. It almost seems like they are playing roles. It also seems like the film they are using seems lower quality than other shows on cw. I think the premise of the show is great and if they clean up their mistakes they may have a chance again. But it doesn’t seem suited for the cw.

  • Carolyn Manibusan

    I agree with everyone about giving the show a chance my kids and I watched just the 1st episode got into even with my kids asking questions about what they mean. Told them it is cancelled and they weren’t happy about it! I think they should bring the show back and give a chance! Not everyone watches vampire dairies or the 100 and I know the messengers will gain a lot of fans once they watch the first two episodes even just the first! Come on CW give this show a chance and leave it on the CW!

  • Inga SweetMfka Smith

    i love it i don’t understand the cancellation as well

  • Tavo Coello Espinoza

    common people, this show is canceled because is based on tv ratings and lets face it, nobody watches tv anymore, for instance i watch all my favorite series online because i dont have time to sit infront of a tv, so the CW must evaluate their rating through online ratings, get it in your head NOBODy WATCHES TV ANyMORE DEAL WITH IT!

  • Minh Ngo

    plz…. give it a 2nd chance!!!! it is the best show ive ever watched

  • Missy

    I finished season 1 in 2 days. It’s really good! Why can’t they make another season? Even just on Netflix or hull or something. I loved it!

  • Gavin Ellis

    Love this show!! Seems like this show is a little to biblical for the CW. This show was refreshing and had me on a 14 hour binge, but as soon as I saw that CW made it I had a felling it would not make it a second season. A different network that does not cater to the politically correct should pick this show up for sure, if their are any?