Chris Wood Teases Kai's Revenge on Tonight's 'Vampire Diaries' Finale (JJJ Interview)

Chris Wood Teases Kai's Revenge on Tonight's 'Vampire Diaries' Finale (JJJ Interview)

Chris Wood opens up about what is sure-to-be a horrifying bloodbath on tonight’s season six finale of The Vampire Diaries.

The 27-year-old actor, who just landed his own upcoming CW show show called Containment, of course plays Kai, an evil witch who is out for revenge after spending most of his life trapped inside a prison world.

We caught up with Chris to get the scoop on what we can expect, including Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) fate, a showdown between Kai and Bonnie (Kat Graham), and more. Check it:

The Vampire Diaries finale airs TONIGHT, May 14 @ 8PM on The CW We’ve seen a lot of different villains on this show. Some worked, some maybe didn’t. Why do you think Kai resonated with fans so much?

Chris Wood: What I love is that he’s truly evil and as an audience, we really get to see no redeemable qualities about this character, especially toward the end, he’s really pretty awful. And I know going into the arc for the season, both [executive producers] Julie Plec and Caroline Dries wanted to introduce a character who was different than all the other villains – by having a truly psychotic character who has no feelings whatsoever and just really had a different mental state. He wasn’t redeemable in a lot of ways some of the other villains were shown to be. Damon [Ian Somerhalder] ended up going from being pretty awful to the love interest of the show. And Klaus [Joseph Morgan] sort of found a nice balance between being like an anti-hero and still having a badness too him too. I think they really wanted a different perspective.

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JJJ: Mid-way through the season, we almost started to like Kai when he picked up some of Luke’s qualities! But that didn’t last very long once he got trapped again…

CW: I think that was a great part of the story with when Kai’s badness sorted lifted for a moment. Because you never knew if you could trust this character from the beginning, you couldn’t tell if it was sincere or not. And I think you got to observe that with his sister and with Alaric [Matt Davis], in terms of not wanting Jo [Jodi Lyn O'Keefe] to cooperate with Kai. That was a nice sort of lift in the middle of the season to bring us toward the ultimate conclusion. Not only do we see Kai back to where he was before, he’s just worse than he was when you first met him. Getting trapped again something sort of snapped in his mind. He’s really hellbent on revenge and doesn’t really care what the consequences are.

JJJ: Bonnie hates Kai, and they’ve had this back and forth all season. Will that conflict come to a head in the finale?

CW: We are going to get that payoff that everyone’s looking for – a showdown between these two characters, who all season, have been going through this journey. It’s bloody and it’s wonderful. Obviously, the first person on his hit list was his sister, but he already got that taken care of (laughs).

JJJ: What do you make of the fans who want Bonnie and Kai to actually be a couple? I mean, he’s a crazy person!

CW: It’s very funny to me. To me, it’s sort of a death threat on Bonnie, wanting her to be involved with this psychopath He’s literally killing everyone. It’s very comical that people would wish anyone to be with Kai. It’s a death sentence. But, I mean understand it. That’s a sort of an energy there…But I think they love Bonnie so much they want to see her with somebody. And they hate Kai and they think they would love to like Kai, enough for him to date Bonnie (laughs). He seems a little far gone at this moment.

JJJ: Agreed! Now that Kai hurt (and possibly killed) Elena, what can we expect between Kai and the Salvatore brothers?

CW: I can tell you that it’s not as simple as it may seem. He’s had a moment to plot and plan, and now that he’s out, he has a very detailed plan. It’s a little more complicated than it seems. The brothers are also…Damon was sort of part of trapping him back in 1903, even though they worked together briefly, they still never got along. Kai doesn’t know Stefan [Paul Wesley] at all, but I don’t think he likes anyone at the moment. Anyone who is in that room, he knows who they are. He wants to watch everyone suffer because his whole life, everything’s been so unfair to him. This is his moment to pay back all that pain to anyone he possibly can.

JJJ: Did you have a favorite scene partner?

CW: That’s so hard. I had such a great time this whole season. I worked with Kat a lot, obviously. She’s a lovely actress and really does her homework, and shows up ready to play. She’s a blast to work with. Ian’s very unpredictable and exciting on set, in a way that keeps you on your toes and allows you to make discoveries in the moment. I love that energy. But also, working with Jodi Lyn O’Keefe who plays Jo, she’s a lovely actress. She’s so grounded and present at all times, whether or not she’s on camera. I love working with everybody. They’re all great.

Stay tuned for more from Chris about his new show Containment, up on next week!

- Reporting by Sharon Tharp (@sharontharp)

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