Win 'The Originals' Prequel Book Prize Pack (& Read an Exclusive Excerpt!)

Win 'The Originals' Prequel Book Prize Pack (& Read an Exclusive Excerpt!)

JJJ is once again giving out something super cool for The Originals fans!

We have FIVE prize packs of the trilogy of prequel books – “The Originals: The Rise,” “The Originals: The Loss,” and “The Originals: The Resurrection,” the last of which just hit shelves!

Here is the final book description: Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah Mikaelson had won it all, only to lose it again by 1788. Control of New Orleans is split between the vampires and the werewolves, much to Klaus’s displeasure.

In a dangerous attempt to reclaim his home, Klaus decides to build a vampire army to take out the werewolves once and for all. If he can’t have love, then he’ll settle for power. Elijah lets his brother take the reins as he turns his attentions to a beautiful and mysterious witch. But Rebekah has had enough of her brothers’ love of bloodshed and begins a journey to find her first home and the key to her family’s immortality.

As the battles rages on, the siblings must come together and fight for what they believe in most: family.

Check out an exclusive excerpt from the novel inside!

Enter below from now until midnight ET on Wednesday, June 3 for a chance to win! Good luck!

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Dozens of voices picked up the command, turning it into a chant. “Drink,” they all shouted at the thief. Everyone else had already taken their turn, pledging their allegiance to Klaus’s army by drinking his blood. Klaus let them think the gesture was symbolic—what was the point in letting them all know they’d be vampires by the end of the night? That’d only result in an unnecessary struggle, and Klaus never did anything to make his life harder.

The energy in the room was at a steady thrum, and it felt as if the very blood in his veins vibrated with the cries of men. Klaus had outgrown the family mansion, shedding it in favor of a roomy four-story garrison in the center of town. It was a more fitting place for his new calling—a place of war.

There had to be a hundred new recruits in the large main hall, banging their tankards on the long wooden tables and shouting encouragement to the next victim. Klaus sat alone on a dais, where he had received each of his subjects in turn. One was a whore from the Southern Spot, the oldest brothel in New Orleans and, by Klaus’s estimation, still the best. She’d run afoul of the madam and been thrown out. But she’d refused to go quietly—showing some real fire and a surprisingly creative vocabulary. Another was a bandit who’d been rounded up by the Spanish soldiers who patrolled the countryside—and who had handed him over to Klaus for a small fee. The youngest were a fresh crop of runaways who’d been discovered scavenging in one of Klaus’s warehouses near the harbor. He’d convinced the teenagers that they’d have a much better life working for him than begging for scraps.

The last recruit to drink was the thief. José had been caught with one hand in the safe of the Southern Spot. The manager, a hothead whom Klaus suspected might be doing some skimming of his own, had wanted to kill the man and dump his body in the river. But Klaus had an eye for potential—he could spot those who were loyal. All Klaus needed to give him was a new life, a new family, and a new mission. That might have seemed like an impossible gift to give, but not for an Original vampire.

Drinking blood was a gruesome way to pledge allegiance, but the extreme nature of the hazing was a sure way to have volunteers begging to join Klaus’s cause. Everyone in the hall understood that being a part of Klaus’s army would require dangerous things. That was the appeal. And Klaus had no use for an army that wasn’t ready to die for him.

It hadn’t always been like this—his mad thirst for ultimate control and power. But if he couldn’t have what he truly wanted, he would rule New Orleans, and the werewolves—his “co-rulers” for the past twenty-two years—would consider themselves lucky if he stopped there. Power was the only prize left that was worth fighting for . . . and, as it happened, Elijah was distracted by love at that very moment, finally giving Klaus the chance to take what was rightfully his.

Klaus stared down at the thief who knelt before him, ready to use compulsion if he tried to bolt. José had sharp, angular features, with a pointed nose, watchful blue eyes, and starkly black hair. He couldn’t have been more than nineteen, and to Klaus’s critical eye he didn’t look like much. He didn’t need to, though. Klaus had more than enough power to go around.

“Drink!” his soldiers shouted, and Klaus could see the thief’s pulse beat in his throat. José lifted his shot glass and drained it in one swallow, the blood leaving an unsightly stain on his lips. He gagged a little as he tried to control his disgust at the taste of the thick, warm blood. Klaus could dimly remember feeling the same disdain, but centuries upon centuries as a vampire had cured him of that distaste.

Becoming a vampire was a cure for any number of life’s ills.

The thief looked around uncertainly, awed by the thundering roar of approval that shook the hall. Klaus’s army was in a merry mood that night, and it was only going to get better.
Klaus walked among his men and women, down along the narrow aisle that ran between the tables. They had all been criminals and deserters, lost until he had come along. Soon, after he killed them all, they would be an army of the dead.

Klaus was the only one of his siblings who seemed to realize that the only true safety lay in power. A better network, a bigger army, more resources, more weapons—there was no position too strong, in Klaus’s opinion. The fact that Mikael hadn’t come for them yet didn’t mean he had ended his hunt. His children—and Klaus, his hated stepson—needed to be in the strongest position possible when Mikael appeared, and that meant the entire city should be under their control.

The last of the brisk winter air swept through the open courtyard and struck Klaus in the face. The night was promising; he could feel it. Klaus’s vampire blood was already getting to work, changing and reforming the men and women, dragging them toward an entirely new kind of life. By the following night, he would have a hundred new vampires in his army, all of them fanatically loyal to Klaus and Klaus alone.

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  • Stephanie Ann Raposo

    Rebekah because all she wants is to have a family

  • Faith

    I’ve actually never watched or read The Originals but I’m really excited to! :)

  • Hope Hanks

    Elijah is my favorite Originals character because he’s the one who always seems to have a good head and a kind heart.

  • Ashley

    I love all the originals characters but after watching the first season my favorite character is Rebekah she loves her family and would do anything for them and how she just wants to be loved.

  • Johnna Rhodus

    That’s a hard one, it’s between Klaus& Elijah. I like Elijah because he’s the strong one that tries to keep his family together& keep things in order. I like Klaus because he’s supposed to be a diabolical psychopath,but he’s really just a misunderstood person.He longs for family and acceptance,but doesn’t like to show his vulnerabilities because he doesn’t want to appear “weak”

  • Megan fiel

    Elijah is my favorite because he is so noble and always there when his family needs him. Also he did what was best for Hayley instead of what he wanted.

  • quoll

    Though i love all The Originals characters, Elijah shines as very caring, and loyal to his family, to protect them however nessacary! I do have a soft spot for Hayley too, and her split loyalty between the vampires and werewolves.

  • Sara

    My favorite character from The Originals is Klaus. I just feel like he is misunderstood and he has so much to him. People give him a hard time and says he’s ruining everything, but he knows what he’s doing. He always comes out on top and he will do anything to get what he wants.

  • Julie

    That is a tough question. I do not think I can pick just one because of all of their uniqueness. Elijah has a great head on his shoulders, Klaus is misunderstood and has that evil quality you love to hate, Rebekah has a kind heart.

  • Joanne Anover

    I like Elijah because I find him really responsible.. He always think about other people.. He is classy is a way where you could actually fall in love with his character right away.

  • Marina Ferrey

    Elijah is my favorite Originals character on the show because I love him always and forever ;) seriously I want to marry him !!

    Ok because he’s perfect ! Sorry, I can not explain, the heart has spoken!

  • Jennifer Lynn

    My favorite has to be Klaus, although I really enjoy Rebekah and Elijah too

  • Yousra

    This is hard because I love Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah a lot but my favorite character would have to be Elijah!

  • bendynugget

    Klaus cause he kills people

  • CJ

    Young Klaus because hes all around perfect

  • SM

    i think Klaus is very misunderstood, but then, he doesn’t make it easy for people to get to the core of him.

  • Kulsoom Hassan

    Klaus is my favorite when his humanity shines through because of the people he loves!

  • AweSamScribbles

    Klaus, because he’s the kind of character you want to root for and you want to believe in. In spite of everything he’s does, there must be a reason as to why his family and Cami are always willing to stand by him. Call it a je ne sais quoi, but as a fan, I find myself standing by him too. I find that often the most compelling character is the one who is seeking redemption – whether or not he openly admits it or finds himself worthy of it. Plus, you’ve got to love that maniacal smirk of his, which at times can be amusing when it’s not horrifying. Not to mention his sheer madness and his dialogue – he’s practically Hamlet as a vampire!

  • bill norris

    Klaus he’s intense and brooding and takes no crap.

  • Nicole Bohannon

    Elijah is my favorite: Even though he IS a vampire, he seems to have a good sense of morals and values :)

  • Sadia Askani


  • Andrew Moon

    Rebekah is my favorite. Her story is sad, but it makes her stronger. She always cares about brothers. I hope Rebekah find her happiness.

  • divhy

    Klaus is my favorite character from The Originals because he fights to get what he wants. He knows what he has to do and everyone really underestimates him, and I love it when he just proves them wrong. ;)

  • Carrie

    Elijah. Because he’s scary as heck, without losing his temper. And his ability to wear a suit is second to none.

  • julimi

    Elijah is such a good soul deep down. He is my favorite


  • Chantelle Walker

    Elijah, he’s just such a well written character and I love him ;)