Avan Jogia Stars as The Boy King, Tut, In Mini-Series Trailer - Watch Now!

Avan Jogia Stars as The Boy King, Tut, In Mini-Series Trailer - Watch Now!

King Tut (Avan Jogia) rides into battle with his army in the brand new trailer for the upcoming TUT.

The mini-series event explores the drama of power, political back-stabbing, war and murder and chronicles King Tut’s rise to glory, his efforts to rule a chaotic empire and the enigma surrounding his death.

“While we were filming, we found more evidence of Tutankhamun’s death, his physical ailments, and all kinds of extraordinary details,” Sir Ben Kingsley, who plays Ay, the grand vizier to King Tutankhamun, shared with Yahoo.

He added, “And a lot of the stuff that was found, [including] the contents of his tomb, are replicated beautifully in Tut. The Ancient Egyptians were committed to the idea of immortality, and they achieved it. Because we are using what they left behind and are putting it on the screen.”

TUT premieres on Sunday, July 19th @ 9PM ET/PT on Spike.

“TUT” Trailer
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  • Thedeepprincess

    Do you think that one day we could have a movie about the anciant Egypt with accurate race characters? No offense to Avan Jogia that I love, but I would have liked to see an egyptian or at least arabic actor play the main character and not an Indian actor. For Ben Kingsley, I don’t even have word. You’d think they would have understood by now that Egyptians aren’t and never were white, but no… I’m really happy to see some of the actors like Kylie Burgundy (not sure if that’s exactly how you spell her name though and I’m really sorry if I made any mistakes), at least they got some of that right…