JJJ Kicks Off 'Teen Beach 2' Week With Ross Butler!

JJJ Kicks Off 'Teen Beach 2' Week With Ross Butler!

We are FIVE days away from the Disney Channel premiere of Teen Beach 2, and if you thought that was excited…get ready…


Seriously, he is! We’ve got Ross dishing on the movie, the dances, and the cast all week long leading up to his takeover on premiere day! He’ll be answering our questions, showing off some dance moves and more.

Since the movie is all about traveling in and out of movie worlds, Ross told us which movie he’d like to travel into — Inception!

“How AWESOME would it be to go into dreams with your friends? Instead of invading a CEO’s dreams to make him give his company to his kid or whatever, I’d use it as a form of entertainment,” he shared with us. “Imagine linking up with a bunch of your friends and dreaming up literally anything to do with them. Not only that, you could do it all without any of them negative consequences since it’s a dream. You could all be superheroes without the whole mutant/human animosity, or just fly around.”

Ross added, “I guess there’s that whole ‘If you die in the dream, you die in real life’ thing but I’d change that too. Forget about getting home, that’d be an awesome world to live in. I think the only downside is people would be wanting to dream too much.”

TELL JJJ: What movie would you want to travel into?

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