There's Another Side To Jax We Never Knew About On The 'Every Witch Way' Season Four Poster!

There's Another Side To Jax We Never Knew About On The 'Every Witch Way' Season Four Poster!

We’re back again and this time revealing the HOTTEST Every Witch Way fan poster ever — of Jax Novoa (Rahart Adams)!

Looking back over the past few seasons, we’ve grown to know and love Jax. Starting as the cool new kid in school who took Iridium High by storm and shook up the existing social order, he quickly turned from a bad boy wizard who uses illegal spells (like how he shows Emma how to clone herself…), to a total gentleman and all around great guy (like when he sacrificed his powers for Emma). After all, he did totally win the major showdown versus Daniel for Emma’s heart… that has to count for something!

Jax is his usual charming self at the top of this poster, and we applaud that. We hope that he and Emma share many precious moments and share many great spells this season.

Similar to the group poster we shared with you yesterday, Jax has a whole other side that we did not know about! And we have SO many questions we don’t know where to start — Jax has a sister?!

Who is she? What’s her name? What is she like? And how did she get there?! It doesn’t look like she is a threat which is good, but look at Jax’s face! He’s in protective big brother mode so something major is going down. And we want to get to the bottom of it…

Head over to to hear from Rahart to learn more about the poster and let us know what you think about Jax having a sister in the comments below!

Remember, you can catch up on seasons one through three on and the Nick App. The final season of Every Witch Way starts July 6th at 7PM ET/PT, only on Nickelodeon.

Bigger poster inside…

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