Will Emma & Andi's Friendship Survive The Final Season Of 'Every Witch Way'?

Will Emma & Andi's Friendship Survive The Final Season Of 'Every Witch Way'?

We are so excited to reveal the next poster for Every Witch Way season 4 and it might just be our favorite because it’s Emma and Andi together!

Emma (Paola Andino) and Andi (Daniela Nieves) have a great friendship history and it all started when Emma moved into her new home in Miami, and they became fast friends despite having completely different personalities.

The two work together perfectly Emma is the sweet, friendly and kindhearted friend, and Andi is a loyal, comical friend who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. They have been by each other’s side through all crucial moments drama, break ups, make ups, laughs and everything in between!

But there seems to be another side to the poster and Emma and Andi’s BFF story coming in season four. On the top we have the Emma and Andi that we know and love; smiling and in everything together. This is the teamwork and loyalty we know and have come to expect from them.

But when we flip the poster — we’ve got looking like they’re not BFFs at all! It almost looks like Emma and Andi are giving each other some serious side eye. Why is this happening?! Can someone get us some answers?

I guess what we can expect from this final season is that we have NO IDEA what is in store! Everything we thought we knew has changed…which makes us question, how is this all going to end?

If you head over to Nick.com, Daniela is dishing on the story behind the poster and about the final season of Every Witch Way.

TELL JJJ: What do you think will happen to our favorite BFFs ever?

Every Witch Way Season four premieres on Monday, July 6th at 7PM ET/PT, only on Nickelodeon.

Bigger poster inside…

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