Why Does Daniel Have A Snake Around His Shoulders In The New 'Every Witch Way' Poster?

Why Does Daniel Have A Snake Around His Shoulders In The New 'Every Witch Way' Poster?

Well here we are again another day, another Every Witch Way fan poster! All we can say is that we are bursting with excitement for the fourth and final season – we literally have NO idea what is going to happen!

Today’s poster is of Daniel (Nick Merico). We’ve seen lots of him since season one as he was Emma’s first crush on the show (but of course he was dating Maddie at the time, who could forget?). Eventually they ended up dating, which caused some drama with the Witches Council. (When does anything NOT cause drama with the Witches Council?) Of course, Emma and Daniel went through a lot themselves Daniel didn’t like that Emma was lying to him about her powers. Then there was also that love triangle between Emma, Daniel, and Jax…

Ultimately, as we all know Daniel fought the good fight for Emma’s heart, and let’s face it it was NOT an easy decision for Emma. Especially when you think about his dreamy, heartfelt serenades on guitar… *Sigh*

Anyway, looking at this poster we can see our usual happy-go-lucky Daniel at the top, but (as with all the other posters we’ve seen) the bottom of the poster is a whole different story. What is this snake he has around his neck? Why is he looking off into the distance? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO DANIEL?

Also if you remember, Daniel wasn’t even in the bottom of the first poster we shared with you on Monday, so we are truly confused about what is going to happen! At the end of the day, we just want Daniel to be happy. We just hope the snake around his neck isn’t poisonous…

Head over to Nick.com to hear more from Nick Merico and let us know what you think below! Remember, you can catch up on seasons one through three on Nick.com and the Nick App. The final season of Every Witch Way starts July 6th at 7PM ET/PT, only on Nickelodeon.

Bigger poster inside…

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