Watch All Of The Performances From 'Teen Beach 2' NOW!

Watch All Of The Performances From 'Teen Beach 2' NOW!

Who watched and LOVED Teen Beach 2?!

All the stars — Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Mollee Gray, Chrissie Fit, Garrett Clayton, Piper Curda, John DeLuca and more — were live tweeting and answering fans questions during both premieres on the East and West Coasts.

Maia and Mollee even shared a few funny stories from the set!

“It was made by our clever costumers. They only made one and @MollsGrayy spilled black coffee on it the 1st night of Gotta Be Me,” Maia shared about her cute dress during the “Gotta Be Me” sequence.

Mollee added, “haha that is a very true story… Good thing costume department were bosses and got it out with baby wipes! LOL.”

Maia also shared another cute story. Check it out below, plus ALL of the TB2 performances!

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Teen Beach 2 Cast – “Best Summer Ever”

Ross Lynch – “On My Own”

Garrett Clayton & Grace Phipps – “Right Where I Wanna Be”

Teen Beach 2 Cast – “Twist Your Frown Upside Down”

Jordan Fisher & Chrissie Fit – “Falling for Ya”

Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell – “Silver Screen”

Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell & Cast – “Gotta Be Me”

Teen Beach 2 Cast – “Meant to Be”

Teen Beach 2 Cast – “That’s How We Do”

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