Zac Efron & Sami Miro Totally Have That Selfie Stick Swag

Zac Efron & Sami Miro Totally Have That Selfie Stick Swag

Zac Efron hits the beach with girlfriend Sami Miro in this new Instagram photo!

“Unlock the swag,” the 27-year-old actor captioned the pic of himself holding a selfie stick.

Sami also posted a photo of herself in a bikini with a shirtless Zac, writing, “The swag unlocked”

The week before, Sami stepped out in style to watch host Hayley Kiyoko perform at the premiere screening of Popular TV’s Denim Hunters held at Riviera 31 at Sofitel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The ladies were also joined by Pretty Little Liars actress Chloe Bridges, Lab Rats star Kelli Berglund, Three Generations actress Elle Winter, and DJ Saint Clair.

Also pictured below: Zac just unveiled a new poster for his upcoming movie We Are Your Friends!

20+ pics inside of Sami Miro, Zac Efron, and more…

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zac efron sami miro selfie stick swag 02
zac efron sami miro selfie stick swag 03
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zac efron sami miro selfie stick swag 05
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zac efron sami miro selfie stick swag 19
zac efron sami miro selfie stick swag 20

Credit: Michael Simon/; Photos: Instagram
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  • lauren

    is this a post on sami? zac? both?

  • IMO

    Y’know this has gone way too far now. They are trying so hard , way too hard IMO to show people that they are having S*x. That song has trashy lyrics that spells it out loud and clear, and mind you it’s not about the song or the type of music It’s that they are putting it out that they are two ho*ny people who can’t get enough drugs and s*x. Now it’s also my opinion if that were true and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other they wouldn’t have to advertise it. This is the third time in the past couple of weeks that the woman has posted reference to them owning one another in that way. Why would such a well know actor as Zac have to advertise and draw attention to his love life like this? Well I suspect it may be because of the second reason in that song the social substances that he tries to hide and it’s evident he still does it. Look at his face again. I get it it’s his life and his choice to jump on her band wagon that they are together having s*x . But if they really were , if it were true love believe they wouldn’t be Tweeting and Instagraming it.
    For goodness sake Zac think about your career and the people you need to get respect from. You are acting like a teen aged boy that just got laid for the first time and has to tell everyone. I have second hand embarrassment for you . Get your life together and go back to the Zac who said I will not put my private life out there because that is what I will be known for. I want to be known for my work and disappear in my personal life so that there is a mystery about me. This Zac is becoming a Famewh*re who is all in it to promote himself and this woman he is pushing to become Famous. Well he may still have millions of fans who love him this way, are in love with supposedly being happy but I really do wonder why all this craving for attention to sell his personal s*x life well he is trying way too hard and that makes it fake to me and I wonder what it is he is really covering up? All I see are two people who are so in love with themselves they must fight over the mirror and who gets the most attention . Reality check only one of them is worthy and only one will ever be Famous . Right now I can’t stand to even look at him anymore he is so pathetic.
    This is the last time I will post on Zac and that baggage for I no longer want to give them hits here. So I hope he gets the help he needs , because the people he is around these days are just party central and I hope he lives through it. I hope others stop supporting Zac like this as well. The more these sites gets hits the more it encourages Zac to act like a Famewh*re.

    • Lisabonbon

      What you just wrote is so right. I’m beginning to lose respect for Zac, she is definitely bad. She’s obviously into drugs too. I just can’t understand Zac that once sweet, loving happy guy is no more. He seems total opposite now. Since the Michelle thing Zac has gone off the rails and he’s got worse by being with Samugly!! Breaks my heart :’(

      • Lala

        SAMUGLY and SAMIMONKEY or SAMONKEY!! she is the WORST thing that could have happened to Zac she is the WORST the WORST st*pid FAMEWH0RE SAMONKEY!!!

  • careema Brown

    It just sad you can’t put it in to words

  • Surfer 3

    Between his fat bloated face and his beard’s doughy abs and thunderthighs, they deserve the award for fugliest couple of 2015. They obviously drink and drug too much. Hope he had a HVP vaccination cause she is naassty.

    • lauren

      she has better abs then you? so why are you bitter towards her?

      • careema Brown

        stop being so dam defrance for sami who you tell stop somebody stop being bitter if don’t like what people say don’ repond to it just remember talk is cheap

  • Andrea Blake

    well lets face it hes starting to loose his looks so he will soon loose teen fans. he wont be able to play these silly roles much longer as getting too old and to many younger hotter guys around. we know this relationship wont last no chemistry at all , just fake poses.

    • Lisabonbon

      Can’t help but agree with you.

  • Just My PO

    “There’s a very obvious trend in this industry the more public your personal life becomes, the more your professional career diminishes and I don’t want to fall victim to that”
    - Zac Efron, 2008

    So wise and nothing but class at 20 years of age, fast forward 7 years on to present day and we have nothing but this mess!

  • What a laugh

    Well, his new selfie stick seems to be getting more attention than her. It’s probably safer thet way. She’s had numerous guys and has been partying for a long time. And thst’s according to her pics and things before she deleted it all. Zac has major problems and when his team hired Miro they just added another problem for him—but what team he has left also seems to be a major problem. Zac, people have walked out on you for a reason.


      Hey, in light of what is happening on the other post @Lolo11 and I wanted to move to a different thread on here further back to start fresh. So we´ll be posting on this post: from now on. Just letting you know so you know where to find us if you are interested.

      • What a laugh

        Please forgive the reply I just posted. This message just got to me now. As I said, I am getting mixed messages from other comments so I’m sorry if I am being dense.

        • SERIOUSLY

          All good. It´s a bit chaotic still anyway… we´re still in the process of figuring it all out as well.

  • yapatadu

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