New 'Tangled' TV Series Will Be In 2-D, Star Zachary Levi Says

New 'Tangled' TV Series Will Be In 2-D, Star Zachary Levi Says

New details about the upcoming Tangled series on Disney Channel are here!

Zachary Levi, who voices Flynn in the series as well as the movie, opened up to Collider about the show.

“I sat down with the writers and they gave me and Mandy [Moore] this really big pitch about where the series was going to go and the storyline. It takes place between the end of the film and before the short film, Tangled Ever After, that was released about our wedding day,” he shared.

Zachary added, “It’s that three years of adventure and journey of Flynn and Rapunzel, finding out who they are and finding out who one another are. It’s not going to be done in the same CG animation style. It’s going to be done in a really cool 2D stylized way. Mandy and I are back, with some of the other people who voiced the characters in the original film, and Alan Menken is coming back to do music. While it’s not a full-blown musical show, there will be some songs peppered throughout. It’s just really cool.”

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