Eric Reunites With 'Boy Meets World' Tommy On 'Girl Meets World' - Watch The Clip!

Eric Reunites With 'Boy Meets World' Tommy On 'Girl Meets World' - Watch The Clip!

Raise your hand if you were tearing up and crying your eyes out during the little Boy Meets World flashback on Girl Meets World last night! Good, because we were too!

The episode “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington”, centered on Eric (Will Friedle) who was hand-picked to run against a sly Senator in hopes that he would lose. So, Eric recruited the best people he knew to run his campaign — his niece Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and her friends, who he calls Moesha and Robot.

While planning his campaign, Eric runs into a political blogger, TJ (J.B. Gaynor) who he doesn’t recognize at all — but at the end of the show, we all find out it’s Tommy, the young boy Eric took under his wing after meeting him while playing a mall Santa.

Eric almost earned the title of “Dad” with Tommy, too, but was smart enough to know that Tommy needed more than just him.

Check out the clip below!

“Girl Meets World” – “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington” Clip
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  • Heather

    This was truly touching to watch. The storyline with Eric and Tommy on BMW always broke my heart.

  • Ludmilla’s Unsung Knight

    To me that was the first moment in Girl Meets World where I thought “this series just immortalized itself and made itself worthy of its predecessor’s legacy.” Eric was an integral part of the heart of BMW and for GMW to recognize that, and integrate a brief, supporting character of Tommy, who while brief and just supporting, touched so many people just made Girl Meets World worthy of its existence and being a sequel to such a beloved American sitcom.

    Even if the show ends this season, it will cannot, and will no longer be referred to as a failed experiment Disney ruined because deep down, brushing all the Disney-like antics aside, from Maya and Riley’s interactions with Shawn, and now Eric, it has inherited the BMW heart.

    Go Tommy!

    And go Girl, for many more seasons, I hope!

    Btw, Cory and Topanga packing their bags had me rolling. lol

  • searching578

    Best moment so far on GMW.. Every time they bring back a character they do it , in such a classy and heartwarming way. I had no idea that was Tommy.. the flashback had me in tears as much as it did the first time I saw that episode of BMW. Eric is very important.. and I so glad they brought hime back.. I wish tho he was married now too with a family cause that would really bring cool dynamic to the show.. cousins!.. And Eric would be such a great DAD!.. I hope we see more of him.. and more characters return in the same way.. Well done GMW.. well done.

    • Crisalie

      I didn’t know it was Tommy at first until he started talking at the end

    • Crisalie

      I didn’t know it was Tommy at first until he started talking at the end

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  • bobby cole

    i went completely girly mode with the tears on this one im not even gonna lie, awesome story line

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