Win VIP Passes to Little Mix on 'The Today Show'!

Win VIP Passes to Little Mix on 'The Today Show'!

Little Mix fans – get ready – because we are giving away a pair of VIP passes for their upcoming Today Show performance!

The girls – Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, and Jade Thirlwall – are set to bring their new single “Black Magic” off their new Get Weird album to the morning show on Wednesday, August 19!

They will be celebrating their four-year anniversary together as a band, so you don’t want to miss it!

Enter below from NOW until midnight on Wednesday, August 5. Winners will be contacted by email. Transportation will NOT be provided.

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  • Stefania

    I’d love to see Little Mix perform on the Today Show not only to see the queens slay it, but because they inspired me so much and helped me through so many situations. The girls showed me I can be weird and be myself because that is what matters. It would be the first time I saw my idols perform live!

  • Kay

    Little Mix has changed my life and I want to thank them!

  • Camille Gomez

    I’d love to see LM because I’ve stuck with them since they were Rhythmix…also i live near nyc…also leigh anne is my mother

  • Sam

    I am very dedicated to the girls and waited eight hours to see them the last time they performed at the Today Show. VIP passes would mean everything to me. I can’t wait to watch then take over the world with this new album!!!

  • Jess

    i dont wanna be a cheese about this but little mix mean so much to me. I dream of being a singer. I wanna audition for X-factor so badly. Watching the video of Jesy’s, Perrie’s, Leigh-Anne’s and Jade’s auditions and the videos of Little Mix’s performances throughout the weeks of x-factor inspire me everyday to hold onto my dream. When I see how far the girls have come since X-factor it makes me so proud and it makes me wish that one day I can be known for my singing, because it’s one of my favorite things to do. When they cancelled X-factor in america I was so heartbroken. For awhile I lost hope in my dream thinking it could never happen, and it didn’t help to have family members and people in school tell me it was a ridiculous dream. But people dream of being a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, or an astronaut, so why should my dream be any different. Whenever i feel down about my dream i just pull up youtube and search “little mix acapella” or “little mix xfactor” and for a little while my dream comes back to me, stronger than ever, because i see these 4 girls who were like normal everyday teenage girls, who went on to chase and achieve their dreams that I share too. This is why Little Mix is so important to me. So it would be really awesome to get to see them perform on the today show (also because they cancelled their north american leg of their salute tour and i had vip tickets:( because i really truly love these girls so much and they are my idols! thank you:)

  • Abbey Grady

    I’m so impressed by every video of Little Mix singing that I watch. They’re so incredibly talented and I’d love to hear them live! In addition to being great singers, they’re so sweet to their fans, and all around great people. They’re down t earth, and appreciative of everything they’ve earned.

  • lex

    Little Mix has really been a huge source of positivity in my life – their love for their fans and each other has helped me be kinder to myself, day by day. I’d love to be able to see them in person!

  • Sam

    Little Mix are amazingly talented and they are so incredibly inspirational. They give me so much happiness and make me smile on days when I don’t think it’s even possible. These four girls are absolutely my idols and this experience would be incredible

  • Sudasia Hall

    I’m not going to be like alot of people that say that little mix is my everything and etc…. They really mean a lot to me then any other artists that I listen to. Jesy, Jade, Leigh Anne, and Perrie all four of yall mean so much to me. I remember the first time I had listen to your music and it’s so weird because the first song had ever listen to was wings. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was sitting on my bed on the computer and listening to music and I saw yall name and I click on wings and I remember hearing wings, I fell in love , I remember thinking to myself that this song help to get over all of the things that I had been through in life. Before, I have every listen to your songs, I was depressed because I was being bully at school and that had caused me to try and commit suicide because of that my depression had got really bad and I had to seek help because of that. When I listen to your music I say to my self that everyone has flaws and I shouldn’t care what other people think about me I shouldn’t try to change myself because of what other people think about me, this is what little mix had taught me is to be Myself, GET WEIRD. These four girls bring tears to my eyes everytime I talk about because they have amazing personalitys. Jade everytime I look at you I see a angel because you make me laugh with joy and I love just watching you sing your heart out on stage, Leigh Anne when I look at your funny moments on YouTube your just…… AMAZING…because your a sweetheart and I love your affection for Rihanna, Jesy first I would like to congratulate you 4 your engagement with jake, I remember watching you on x factor and how the people was calling you fat but when I look at you I see a very beautiful, funny women because I was going through that once and you help me to get over that pain, last but not least perrie you are just so amazing you make me laugh so much because of the things that you do all the time. When I see that people give you hate I say to myself why this sweet women. Perrie you are perfect to me. These 4 women are my inspiration because they know that everyone isn’t perfect and that is what makes them perfect in my eyes.


    Well everyone here wants a chance to meet the girls, who wouldn’t? And I understand that because these girls are so beautiful and talented and sweet. They sing about equality and feeling better in yourself. They tell you to not let anyone get to you and just be yourself and love life. They’ve got two wocs in their band so it adds something different. Little Mix have amazing vocals live and they’ve got individual styles. These girls literally changed my life and i would do anything to meet them in person and tell them how much i appreciate them and love them and thank them for making me believe in myself and love myself. I would love to tell them everything they have done for me in person. I remember the last time i went to see them, i actually didn’t because it was raining that day and i felt awful but stuff happens and theres more times. These girls mean so much to me as individuals, they don’t let nasty haters get to them and they keep a smile on their faces all the time. They love each other so much, their friendship is so passionate and tat makes me love them more. I was always that girl who thought changing myself would be a good idea but because of Little Mix i learned being unique and being weird and being yourself is something you should embrace and love. And i’m doing just that because of Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade and Jesy and i would love to tell them that they’ve changed my life and made it better. They’ve come so far and i would love to congratulate them and spread the love.

  • brianna

    Meeting little mix would honestly mean the world to me! I haven’t been able to go to any of their concerts when they are here in america because they don’t come close enough to where i live but I am really hoping I win to see them it would just make my life right now! So to be able to see them perform and meet them would be an absolute Honor and privilege ! So fingers crossed! ????

  • Itzel Alejandra

    If I get to meet Little Mix, it will mean the world to me. I’ve support them since TXF days and I know that some people will say that it doesn’t matter since when you’ve known girls, but what I mean it’s that I’ve been waiting nearly 4 years to meet them and I haven’t got the opportunity. These girls are amazing, inspiring, beautiful (inside out), intelligent, talented and a lot more incredible things. They’ve taught us (mixers) so many things, like believe in ourselves or never giving up on our dreams or always remind us that we are beautiful, and for that I thank them a lot. They also do incredible things to make us happy and they always givery their best. I know I’m probably missing something that I really want to say but I hope no. Just want to let you know that I love this girls so much and I will always support them no matter what they do and I’ll be by their side and stick with them forever because I’m very proud of them and what they have accomplished . I really hope I get to win this and that you will give me this amazing apportunity. Good luck to all the mixers that are entering this competition and looking forward to it. And thank you JJJr. for giving us this opportunity to meet our girls :)))

  • Holly Griffin

    Meeting the girls would be amazing. I got tickets for their Salute tour in the US and was crushed when they canceled. I’ve supported and idolized these girl for over 2 years now and meeting them and seeing such talented girls perform live would be a dream come true!

  • Katie Pilarsh

    Hi! There are so many people who love Little Mix, myself included. I’m not sure how to prove that i love them or deserve to meet them more than others, cause that’s not fair. But I’d love to tell you why I’d like to meet them! The girls have helped me come to terms with who i am and given me confidence. There music inspires me and helos me feel motivated and empowered. I’ve been with the girls since the x factor days and would love love love to meet them and talk to them about how there music and the way they present themselves has impacted me. Plus it’d be awesome just to talk to them! I could go on for a while about how much ilove them but I won’t bore you anymore! I hope i win though!!!

  • gabby

    it would be amazing to get the chance to meet little mix. they haven’t spent a lot of time in america so there aren’t a lot of opportunities to see them and it would be amazing to get to talk to them. i have been a big fan of little mix since dna came out, and i would love to be able to hear them perform live. they mean so much to me.

  • blackmagic2015

    I don’t know where to start with Little Mix. Little Mix gave me courage when I needed it most. I grew with them when I watched them on X-Factor and when I needed music the most,when it felt like nobody was in my corner,their music made me fight for what I want,and to always conquer the impossible. I’m going through a bit of a hard time at the moment but when I watch their interviews,listen to their music,I feel it in my heart that everything in my life will work itself out. I think that’s the mark of great artists-to shake a listener to their core and Little Mix does that extremely well. We live in a world when the impossible happens every day and you can choose to hide your light from the world or break. Little Mix taught me to never hide my beauty and light from the world and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you Perrie,Jesy,Leigh-Anne, Jade. <3

  • Katie Piscotty

    I used to be very shy and very closed off. I had very little confidence and was always too afraid to be who I was. When I has introduced to little mix, I immediately fell in love with them. They taught me that the only right way to live your life is to be true to who you are. They did what they wanted not caring what others thought, and that gave me the courage to do that as well, I’m so much more confident now two years later, and I wear the clothes I want and do what makes me happy, not even caring about what others think, and I owe that to little mix. When they announced their US tour I was so excited I woke up early and got on to get tickets and ended up getting MEET AND GREETS AHH!! Then my heart was broken when they canceled the tour and lost the chance to meet them. So to win these meet and greets would be so absolutely amazing to be able to have that chance again. I just want to be able to thank them for all they’ve done for me! :)

  • Alyssa Geckle

    Wings was the first little mix song I heard and from the moment I heard it I was hooked. I remember that a few weeks later DNA (the album) was released in the UK and I immediately got on YouTube akd learned it all, a few weeks later the album came out and I knew every word, coincidentially the day after it came out in the US I was going to see them in a tiny club. The show was amazing and kept me even more hooked. I bought a signed copy of the album and was so amazingly happy and inspired. The next year they announced their US tour and I was in complete shock when I found out me and my best friend got VIP Packages which included a album signing. The tour unfortunately got cancelled leaving us completely devastated. We were supposed to meet the girls who mean so much to us and inspire us to be ourselves and be strong. I would do anything to be given the opportunity to need the girls and think that me and my best friend deserve to meet little mix because we have gone through ups and downs to try and meet the girls who mean so much to us.

  • Aniya Triplett

    I think I deserve to win because as an American mixer I never get to see the girls especially being the salute tour American leg was canceled and no get weird tour. Meeting the girls would be a dream and I could finally thank the girls for making me believe in myself. These girls are my idols. I even made so many new friends in the mixer community. I watch them live on YouTube almost everyday and for me to see them live would be a dream come true.

  • Brittney

    All the way up until my junior year in high school, I was constantly limited by my own crippling social anxiety. I would miss out on great opportunities, whether it was traveling to new places or doing something to further my life experiences. Regardless of how grand (or minuscule) the opportunity, I could never act upon it because my fears were overwhelming. Even making phone calls to order food could end up as a tear-inducing task. When Little Mix came along, I remember feeling so inspired by Wings. It was a motivation to overcome my biggest challenge: anxiety. As soon as I got into listening to the girls, I found that there were loads of inspiring songs much like Wings, both on DNA and Salute. We Are Who We Are, Change Your Life, Little Me, See Me Now, the list is endless. The songs pushed me to take the initiative to better my life and defy the fears that ruled me. As well as that, they forced me to address a very real issue that I battled with, separate from my anxiety: self-hatred. Before Little Mix came along, my life felt like one big put down. I was disgusted by myself in more ways than one, ranging from my appearance, to my style, to my weight. It was incredibly hard for me to cope with my own hatred and the girls gave me some time away from my own self to recuperate and feel great. I’m now so much closer to total self-love than I ever would have been without them. Little Mix truly played a solid role in changing my life for the better. I’m now going off to college in a handful of weeks to start a new chapter in my life. I’m doubtful that I’ll transition with complete ease into college, but I know Little Mix’s music will make each day easier and take the stress of a new environment away as it has done so many times before. I think that I deserve VIP passes because it would truly be a blessing to finally meet the girls and thank them for their hand in my life and let them know that I’m sure many others like me are thankful as well. It’s also my dream to be able to finally cross paths with some truly inspiring people and see them perform, as I likely won’t be able to make it to their tour while I’m away at college. Best of wishes to everyone else and I hope I’m considered for this opportunity!

  • Emma

    HELLO i deserve to win these tickets because i’m about to sleep on a sidewalk for them!!!! little mix’s songs literally inspire me so much they make me feel so amazing about myself and like i have my life together!!!!!! meeting the girls would mean so much!!!!!

  • Nina

    My love of Little Mix started simply enough – discovering Move on Pandora and getting obsessed with it. But it was the friendship they helped me form that means the most to me. My freshman year of college, a girl who lived down the hall from my friends and I asked if she could live in our townhouse next year. We agreed, and it was decided that I would room with her given our similar sleep schedules. I was worried about it, but once I discovered she liked little mix, we really started to bond. She brought me headfirst into the fandom, and I fell in love with Little Mix and the inspiring messages found in their songs. My obsession with Little Mix also fueled my obsession with everything British, and I am actually studying in London in the spring of 2016 – as is my friend. She would be, of course, the recipient of the second ticket should I win this contest. It has been her, as well as Little Mix, who has encouraged me to be more confident, and comfortable in my body. Within Little Mix, I always felt a strong connection to Jesy. I am not stick thin like a lot of my friends, and neither is Jesy. But she is absolutely gorgeous and amazing, and I’ve started to realize that I am too. I’m sorry if this comment is all over the place, but it shows how Little Mix really has touched so many parts of my life. I have never seen them live, and winning these tickets would mean everything. Thank you!!

  • heer ?

    I cannot express my love and support for Little Mix in one simple comment. But, my sister and I have bonded over the band, and we jam out to them without fail everyday. We became close thanks to them and we’d really love the chance to meet our idols!!

  • Julia Alcott

    I love Little Mix!!!! People tell me all of the time that I look like Perrie!! I would love to see them perform and maybe meet her to see the comparisons! Lol! Hope to win because I love their songs!!!

    Xoxo Julia Alcott

  • Michelle Oakland

    Little Mix completely changed my life, they gave me so much confidence and taught me how to really love myself. Their music inspires me everyday to chase my dreams and be the best me I can be. They are incredibly beautiful inside and out and getting to see them on the Today Show would be the biggest dream come true.

  • courtney

    I’ve been waiting to see Little Mix for 3 years but I’ve never had the chance as I live in Toronto and they’ve never come here. But On August 18 I am embarking on an 11 hour bus journey and I’m going to see my girls, FINALLY. It would be so incredible to win VIP passes, just seeing them in real life is enough for me but this would be the cherry on the cake! I love Little Mix with all my heart and soul, they have helped me so much mentally and emotionally since I found them, they inspire me and make me a happier person and I just want to be able to thank them for that. <3

  • Alexandra Raab

    I honestly deserve these passes because I’ve never seen them in person before! This will be my first time since they cancelled their American Salute Tour so I have been dying to see them and this will be my chance! I’m hoping you will pick me! I could describe myself as a dedicated Mixer. I’ve voted my heart out for everything they’ve been nominated for, I’ve bought every piece of music they’ve put out there and I’ve been here since their name was called as the winners of The X Factor 2011 and I hope I can celebrate four years with them at The Today Show! They’ve changed my life so much over these years between getting through tough times or just listening to them because I love them so much.Their music inspires me to be who I am and nobody else because there’s only one of me and I should embrace it! I would love to hear them perform Black Magic live. You guys always update me on their news so I’m hoping you’ll be able to update me through email that I’ve won! Thank you for your time and patience! :)

  • Cath

    I’ve been a fan of the girls since X factor days. I’ve always treasured and supported them because they make me happy. Around two years ago I was diagnosed with bi polar depression and anxiety, it made it hard to… well, live in a way. I found myself being really unhappy a lot, except when it came to little mix. These girls are incredible human beings who make music that is not only great to listen to but makes you feel good. They made all the noise in my head disappear and I’m an entirely grateful for that. For them. I actually had the chance to see them for the salute tour but unfortunately it was cancelled and I fell into depression again. But because of my love for the girls I picked myself up. I really want to see them. I really want to be able to hear their voices live. Not only for me but for my best friend Thalia who told me about the girls and wants nothing more than to see them as well. All I want is so enjoy their music with my best friend and feel happy and free.
    I would be so grateful if you picked me. I wouldn’t waste this opportunity and it might be the best moment of my life.
    Thank you x

  • Vivienne

    Would really really love to win these passes! I’ve been wanting to see them for a while now! and I feel like this is my only chance to see them while they are in the USA more so NY! Please consider me!

  • Marisa

    I deserve these passes because I’ve never seen them live before. Ever since they cancelled their USA Salute Tour last year, I’ve been dying to see them live and if I win these tickets, I will die. Little Mix mean so much to me, they’re the reason why I have confidence in myself and love myself the way I am. Their music even always makes me feel better when I’m down. If it weren’t for them I don’t think I would be that confident person like I am today. I usually never win these types of things but I would be so happy if I got picked because seeing my girls live is my #1 goal.

  • heer ?


  • Megan

    I would love to see the girls live because I haven’t got to see them yet live or anything like that I would love to win this contest to see the girls I would freak out but I have bad luck when it comes to these things they are my idols it would be a dream come true to see the 4 girls i look up to everyday live they are amazing live from what i watch on youtube i listen to their music constantly they changed my life for the better i honestly don’t know what i would do without these 4 girls i have a goal to see them live by the end of this year it is on my bucket list but they don’t really come to the USA that much so i would love to see them in New York i am willing to drive 4 hours to see the girls that i look up to everyday i wanted to see little mix on the Get Weird Tour but it is only in the UK i am very sad because i wanted to see them but i hope i win and get to se my idol
    thank you for reading this if you did xox

  • Kylee

    I deserve these passes because I would make the absolute most of this experience. I love these four girls so much and they inspire me more than anybody else. They have been such a positive light in my life these past four years and I would jump at any chance to see my idols in person. They deserve all the success in the world and I hope this performance is a stepping stone on their way to conquer not only America, but the world and I would love to be there to witness the domination.

  • Kevin

    I think we all deserve these passes but I WOULD love them because I feel like I’m one of there biggest U.S. fans, I love these girls so much!

  • allie

    I don’t know if I’m the MOST deserving fan or not, but I do know that I have loved Little Mix from the start and would absolutely love this experience! I dedicate a lot of my time in to running a fan website for them and promoting them worldwide and would love the opportunity to see them up close!

  • Nico Vargas-Germain

    I am a huge Little Mix fan. I just got my husband into them and we listen to them continuously. I have been a fan since the X Factor UK and I would do anything to get to see them. Everyone here deserves these passes but I would really enjoy taking my husband to see them. Black Magic is even my ringtone lol. These girls are so talented and it would be an absolute honor to see them live.

  • Danae medina

    Hope I win !!!

  • Danae medina

    Hello I’m Danae and I think I deserve to win these VIP tickets to see little mix because all of the girls are so talented and they inspire me everyday to go for my dreams and to never give up. I’ve Been a fan of the girls since XFactor, and they have come so far. They also inspire me with they’re fashion because they are just fabulous. They are great roles models to all of their fans including me and it would be so great to win because I would love to see them perform live since I never have, and I am a HUGE fan!!!. I am honestly obsessed with the girls, and their music, basically everything about them. They are strong woman and inspire me to be one when I get older. I love the girls so much and I would love to win these tickets it would be such an honor and AWSOME!!!!!! Plus this contest ends on my birthday(16th) August 5th so it would be the best birthday gift ever!!! And I wouldn’t want anything else but this. It is my dream to see little mix perform live. X.

  • heer ?

    I really love Little Mix and hope I win!

  • Anna Contreras

    Well I think I should win those 2 tickets because I have loved them and supported them since they begun. I am from California and they were my 1st concert along with Demi Lovato and 5H. They have come before but I wasn’t able to attend for the reason back problems. I did go to psychical therapy to avoid surgery. Their music has helped me through the tuff times in my life. I am willing to travel all they way over there just to see them. I don’t have any luck, I enter radio station contest and I never win. Hopefully my I do have luck and get to meet these 4 amazing and talented girls that have taken the world by storm. Thank you so much for giving us fans this opportunity!

  • Daniel Nunez

    I want to win because I am a big fan since they won The X Factor.

  • Dalena

    My sister and I have been loving them for years! Wings was amazing and then Demi bringing them on tour was the icing on the cake. We began to listen to them more and more, buy Salute, and play the album nonstop. My sister even sang “Boy” for her talent show and we learned the choreography to “Move” and “Salute.” The canceling of their U.S. tour devastated us because we had hoped to get meet & greet, so the moment I heard they were to perform on the Today Show, I just KNEW we had to go. We’d love to see them and possibly meet the girls. They’ve been such positive role models and musical inspirations for us both.

  • Briana Bartenieff

    I’ve been a fan for about a year and I listen to them at least everyday. I may not of been here since x factor but I love them just as much as those who were. If I saw them live that would be epic. I know my reasons may not be as good as the others but their music has helped me through a lot. When I got bullied in an old school I went to, I remember listening to them and they would cheer me up. So please pick me if you can pick me it would mean the world to me. Thank you for reading it means alot, and to the other people who are trying to win good luck. :]

  • Kiki

    I would love to win these passes because I have supported Little Mix from the start. I love what the girls represent and it reflects their music. They have inspired me so much. They are all talented and and I’m so glad to be supporting a group like them. I would love to see them perform live. I never had a chance to see them perform live so since this is New York, it would be so perfect. This would be the best way to end my summer before school starts this Fall.

  • Kiki

    I would love to win these passes because I have supported Little Mix from the start. I love what the girls represent and it reflects their music. They have inspired me so much. They are all talented and and I’m so glad to be supporting a group like them. I would love to see them perform live. I never had a chance to see them perform live so since this is New York, it would be so perfect. This would be the best way to end my summer before school starts this Fall.

  • Jaki Leigh

    i’ve been a fan since the very beginning when they were first formed on the x-factor in 2011 and so has my younger sister. she’s had a rough year this year with just finding out that she has to have another surgery and i’d like to surprise her with this she would be so excited! the girls are incredibly talented, humble and down to earth and i love that they strive to empower women with their music!

  • Airi Payne

    Little Mix writes songs that help inspire, empower, and motivate young adolescents like me. It’ll be special if and when I get chosen, because i’ve been a fan of them since they were on the Xfactor and were still called ‘Rythmix’, and it feels as if I’ve been on this road with them, as if I’ve actually been there to experience their up’s and down’s. Most bands nowadays write songs mostly on the conformist topic of love, but Little Mix actually writes songs that they know their fans could easily relate to, such as: ‘We Are Who Are Who We Are’ , ‘Wings’, ‘Good Enough’, and ‘These Four Walls’. If I won theses tickets, not only would it make my summer, but it would make me as a person, since I don’t have to dream about meeting them anymore, but that is not yet a reality.

  • Ninoska Rodriguez

    Little mix have always been such huge role models for me since I first discovered them nearly four years ago. Everytime they come to New York I always try my best to go to all of there events and meet them and say hi but I don’t always get the chance because I don’t have certain passes for certain events. Winning these VIP passes means that i’d be a little bit closer to seeing them and showing them my drawings that they inspire me to draw.

  • Emma Geisler

    I love them and have been following for a year

  • Sarah Grace Dilick

    Thank you for this chance. These girls are some of the most talented, loving, inspiring, UNDERRATED artists in the industry. I feel lucky to be a Mixer. Supporting them has made me happy and inspired for years now. I’m so lucky to be a fan of a group that always reminds their fans how loved they are. Their music and the girls themselves keep me going and always lift me up, and seeing them live and up close would be one of the best experiences I could ask for.