Chloe Lukasiak Takes NYC By Storm!

Chloe Lukasiak Takes NYC By Storm!

Chloe Lukasiak poses as she arrives at the Teen Vogue offices on Monday (August 10) in New York City.

The 14-year-old actress did a ton of promo that day, including stops at OK! Magazine, Seventeen, and Nylon!

She talked about everything from her YouTube channel and dancing to the upcoming 2015 Teen Choice Awards where she’s nominated!

“New York traffic scares me,” she tweeted. “Stopped by @NylonMag to talk about some fun things! Thanks for having me.”

Check out more cute pics from Chloe‘s East Coast trip below!

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  • ddpalmer

    Being on a reality show and having a youtube channel does not make her an actress.

    • Debra Roland

      She is not on a reality show anymore. She is thriving at her new studio, is doing lots of things, without “reality time”. She has her you tube channel because her fans ask to see her. She is a lovely talented young lady and she is respectful.

      • ddpalmer

        So what is your point?

        I didn’t say she still was on a reality show. And the fact she is ‘thriving’ at her new studio and that her fans asked her to start a youtube channel or whether she is talented and respected or not. It STILL does NOT make her an actress.

        • Youdonthavetolikeit

          That studio can have Christi!

      • Youdonthavetolikeit

        Chloe wasn’t the problem. It was her mother. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with her. I’m just glad she’s off the show so I don’t have to see or hear her negativity anymore. The show is doing just fine without her and it looks like Abby is doing really well for herself without Christi on the show. Even when Dance Moms is gone, ALDC will continue on. ;0)

  • Madeline Roman

    Just Jared Jr, thank you for the write up on Chole. She is extremely talented and inspirational. She is humbled and has had to face adversity, rejection and be belittled at a very early age. Through it all she has handled herself with respect and has been an inspiration to many people. In a world were the there is so much negativity Chole represents a positive image and an unbreakable spirit just as her video unbreakable. She deserves all the opportunities the world has to give and more. So thank Just Jared Jr. for letting her light shine.

    • Youdonthavetolikeit

      Hopefully now you will stop creating fake accounts Christi trying to get everyone to cancel Dance Moms.

      • udonthave2likeitIsMaddie

        Maddie why are you being so rude to your old friend’s mother?

        • Youdonthavetolikeit

          Please. Is this another one of your fake accounts? I’ve noticed this one was just created to comment to me. How pathetic. Putting these girls and their mothers down isn’t gonna bring an end to the show. You have nobody to blame but yourself. Shouldn’t of been so nasty.

    • Youdonthavetolikeit

      Check out the other posts you will see that this is just Christi. Madeline & Ann is one of her MANY fake accounts she tries to use to fool us into talking against the Dance Moms… There’s a lot of them.