The 'Girl Meets World' Writers Answered Show Questions From Fans - See Their Answers!

The 'Girl Meets World' Writers Answered Show Questions From Fans - See Their Answers!

Will Riley and Lucas end up together (as planned)? Or will it be Maya and Lucas? Who is Farkle’s mother? Will we ever meet Maya’s real father?

The writers of Girl Meets World tackled all those questions on Twitter during a fan Q&A on Friday (August 28) and their answers, while vague sometimes, put our hearts at ease…most of the time. We’re also preparing ourselves for October.

“We want to thank you all for your questions. We need to get back to work. We will do this again soon. The upcoming episodes are really good. The cast grows, and shares valuable moments together. Please stay with us. Things are changing,” they wrote after the session was over.

The writers added, “But the changes change as well. We are telling a complete story that builds to an important conclusion. Thank you for growing up with us. We appreciate all of you and will continue to give you our best.”

Click inside to see all the questions and answers from the Girl Meets World writers…

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  • ComTech121

    All of the above tweets scream “excellence!”

  • @maya&josh

    Will maya go out with someone else besides josh?, and will josh will get jealous and see that he does like maya like she likes him. Will they every kiss or date.

  • Julia

    How did you guys choose so that Maya has a crush on the person that is the second most important person to Riley so that Riley has to crush Lucas feelings. I find it interesting but I ship both Rucas ( Riley and Lucas) and Jaya ( Josh and Maya)

  • natalie

    noo josh and maya noo firt his in college and she is in firts year of high school (she is a baby) their relationship have to be more like a brother-sister love not couple love … like riley and lucas .
    maya and lucas arethe best couple of the show