Marie Lu Shares Adelina's Playlist From 'Young Elites' With JJJ Book Club (Exclusive)

Marie Lu Shares Adelina's Playlist From 'Young Elites' With JJJ Book Club (Exclusive)

Just last week, Marie Lu‘s “The Young Elites” came out in paperback and that just means there’s about a month left until “The Rose Society” comes out.

The JJJ Book Club may be just a little — well, way too excited about that, so we had to chat with Marie about the book series and we uncovered the playlist that inspired the books.

“These are all songs from my playlist for ‘The Young Elites’. But I like to think Adelina has these on her personal playlist, too. Her soundtrack for life, I suppose!” Marie dished to JJJ.

First song: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” Remix by Emily Browning.

“This is the very first song I ever added to my playlist for The Young Elites. I’ve always liked the ominous lyrics of the original ‘Sweet Dreams,’ and even though I’m not the biggest Sucker Punch fan, I’m in love with this eerie remix. It’s so haunting and so perfect for Adelina,” Marie explained to us.

Most appropriate lyrics: “Some of them want to use you, Some of them want to get used by you, Some of them want to abuse you, Some of them want to be abused.”

Click inside for the rest of Marie‘s (and Adelina’s) “Young Elites” playlist…

2. “Glory and Gore” by Lorde

“Okay, I first heard this song not from Lorde’s album but from a promo for the second season of “Vikings,” which is one of my favorite shows. It just immediately conjures images of bloodlust and vengeance. An Adelina song if there ever was one!”

Most appropriate lyrics: “Delicate in every way but one/ the swordplay/ God knows we like archaic kinds of fun/ the old way/ Glory and gore go hand in hand/ That’s why we’re making headlines/ You could try and take us/ But victory’s contagious”

3. “Midnight” by Coldplay

“When Adelina’s not busy raging and destroying, she has quiet, sad moments, and when I was writing those scenes, I played this song. I think it represents the side of Adelina that struggles to stay in the light, and the handful of people who want to help her.”

Most appropriate lyrics: “In the darkness before the dawn/ In the swirling of the storm/ When I’m rolling with the punches/ and hope is gone/ Leave a light, a light on”

4. “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” by Marilyn Manson

“Well, back to good ol’ raging and destroying! Gotta have a Manson song on a villain’s playlist, right? This is one of his mellower pieces, which are honestly the only ones I listen to. Totally gets me into the right headspace.”

Most appropriate lyrics: “I can’t decide if you’re wearing me out or wearing me well/ I just feel like I’m condemned to wear someone else’s hell/ We’ve only reached the third day of our seven-day binge/ I can already see your name disintegrating from my lips”

5. “Monster” by Imagine Dragons

“The lyrics are pretty spot-on for Adelina here. It might as well be her talking!”

Most appropriate lyrics: “If I told you what I was/ Would you turn your back on me?/ And if I seem dangerous/ Would you be scared?/ I get the feeling just because/ Everything I touch isn’t dark enough/ That this problem lies in me”

6. “Deliver Me” by Sarah Brightman

Another more sad, introspective song for Adelina and her struggle to not lose her good side. This song has been on various fantasy playlists of mine since I was in high school. An oldie but a goodie.

Most appropriate lyrics: “Deliver me, out of my sadness/ Deliver me, from all of the madness/ Deliver me, courage to guide me/ Deliver me, strength from inside me”

7. “Everyone is Gonna Love Me Now” by Ingrid Michaelson

“This song never fails to make me all sentimental! I feel like everyone has a moment when they feel like nobody likes them, or that they’ve disappointed others who had faith in them. Adelina tries to reason with herself that that’s the way she likes it, that she doesn’t need anyone’s love or support. But, of course, that’s a lie.”

Most appropriate lyrics: “I was never right but never wrong/ Everybody thought I’d finish strong/ Maybe I can go away/ Where everyone is gonna love me now”

8. “Gangsta” by Kat Dahlia

“Kat Dahlia is bad. Ass. Just listen to that gravel in her voice! I bet Adelina would appreciate a good growl from a lady. And like Kat Dahlia, Adelina prefers going it alone.

Most appropriate lyrics: “You say you a gangsta, that don’t impress me none/ You say you a gangsta, ain’t seen a thing you done/ I do it all myself, I ain’t getting help/ From no one, from no one”

9. “Gravity of Love” by Enigma

“Another song that has perpetually stayed on my fantasy playlists since high school. I love everything Enigma does, but this is probably my favorite of their songs. It’s so epic and sweeping, and the lyrics remind me of several scenes from the series.

Most appropriate lyrics: “In the eye of the storm/ you’ll see a lonely dove/ The experience of survival is the key/ To the gravity of love.”

10. “Into Darkness” by Thomas Bergersen

“Quite literally into Adelina’s darkness. Thomas Bergersen composes the best epic scores and soundtracks, but I love the few lyrics in this one too.”

Most appropriate lyrics: “I will follow you anywhere/ Take my soul and lead me there/ In the silent night/ you kill the light/ I will follow you till the end/ Take my heart, my love and then/ Lead me into darkness”

11. “Run” by AWOLNATION

“I was sold the instant I heard these two lines: ‘I am a human being/ Capable of doing terrible things’ Yup, that’s our Adelina.

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