'Victorious' Might Be Heading Back to TV!

'Victorious' Might Be Heading Back to TV!

Big news Victorious fans – the show might be getting a reboot from Nickelodeon!

The network’s president of content and development gave an interview about how some classic shows are going to be brought back in a “fresh new way” and Victorious is one of the shows mentioned. If the show is rebooted, there’s no word at this point if Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, or any of the original stars will return.

Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, and You Can’t Do That on Television are some of the other shows brought up in the Variety article.

“We are looking at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way,” the network exec said. “We are getting ready to bring back some of the ones they’ve told us multiple times they want to have brought back.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Nickelodeon to reboot some classic shows?

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  • Delia Enriquez

    If they’re gonna reboot anything, it’s gotta be Danny Phantom. Season 3′s ending was too rushed and it would be interesting to see Danny fight ghosts while the world knows his secret all while juggling his changing relationships with Sam and Tucker.

  • Evanesims


  • Michael

    Sam & Cat needs to come back.

  • http://maylanehomelander.blogspot.com Irina Kononova

    Yay! I love Victorious! Also I want to know what they are going to do with Rugrats and Hey, Arnold!. For the last time I thought they are never going to have a really good shows since Victorious ended, but now I have some hope. I’ve really missed for good animated series.

  • ComTech121

    This is a terrible idea and it just shows how desperate Nickelodeon is getting these days. “Victorious” seemed to do okay in the ratings for a while, but it was cancelled and never given a proper ending. Even the cast members themselves seemed to have some regrets over the show’s demise. Good luck trying to get the original cast members back. Most, if not all of them have since moved on from that stage in their lives.

    Although I’d love to see better shows like “Rugrats” and “Hey Arnold” back on the air, I would only hope that they’d at least put some effort into it this time around. Let’s not forget that Nickelodeon once tried rebooting “Rugrats” before with “All Grown Up” and it bombed.

  • Metaspherz

    How could it be ‘Victorious’ without Victoria Justice? I agree with the other poster that said that the original stars might not return since most have gone on to bigger and better commitments. It would be a step backwards for Victoria Justice too despite her MTV show ‘Eye Candy’ getting cancelled (IMO a real disappointment, btw).
    Still, the show might have a future if it keeps the school’s name Hollywood Arts, renames itself ‘Still Victorious!’ and introduce the world to a whole new cast of up and coming talented teens and keep Matt Bennett on as Robbie Shapiro as the class instructor. Keep Robbie’s annoying puppet on too as teacher’s assistant that enjoys making all kinds of insults and controversial acting suggestions. It might be an interesting twist to also include Eric Lange as Mr. Sikowitz, the misguided (sic) Guidance Councilor/ acting agent who books the students gigs that go hilariously wrong but that are also teachable moments and character developing. Hey, I’m not a comedy writer but this stuff writes itself…!

  • Victorious/iCarly lover!

    Can you guys please bring back Victorious with the old cast! Although, many actors have moved on it would be amazing to see a Victorious reunion and maybe make it so they are still in school but different relationships! Do a previously on… Or flashbacks! Victorious is a great show and I think many fans including myself would be dying to watch more episodes! Please do not introduce anyone new and try really hard to get the old cast together! (Including Sikowitz)
    Beck + Tori
    Cat + Robbie
    Jade + Andre?
    I would die if a Victorious reunion came out as well as a new season! I think it should definitely happen as the way Victorious ended was not a proper goodbye episode!

    Also I think you should bring back iCarly! (With Carly and Freddie together!)

    If you haven’t realised I love the romances but the general show and watching everything unfold is great too!
    Enjoy everything about Victorious and iCarly so please bring them back!!!!