Elizabeth Hunter Talks Her New Movie '90 Minutes In Heaven' (Exclusive Interview)

Elizabeth Hunter Talks Her New Movie '90 Minutes In Heaven' (Exclusive Interview)

Elizabeth Hunter has a brand new movie out in theaters TODAY!

Starring as Nicole Piper in 90 Minutes In Heaven as Hayden Christensen‘s daughter, JJJ had a chance to chat with the 12-year-old actress about the flick, her TV career and more. Check it:

JJJ: Tell us about your character Nicole Piper and a bit about the movie.
Elizabeth Hunter
: 90 Minutes in Heaven is about a pastor named Don Piper (Hayden Christensen) who had a completely ordinary, normal life until he was in an awful car wreck and died. He spent 90 minutes in Heaven, then came back to life. This movie is about his recovery (he had several awful injuries) and how he and his family get through this. I play Nicole Piper, who is Don Piper’s daughter. Nicole definitely has a very difficult time seeing her dad like this, but she does her best to stay strong for her little brothers and for her mom, Eva Piper (Kate Bosworth), who is dealing with a lot. The message of the movie is hope, and that this world is just the beginning and Heaven is a real place.

JJJ: What was it like working with Hayden and Kate? What did you take away with you from this experience?
: Hayden and Kate are amazing. It was so cool working with them! I learned so much just from watching them. They were super nice and they kind of took me in, which I was really thankful for. The whole cast became super close almost instantly. My two movie brothers (Hudson Meek and Bobby Batson) were like my real brothers the first day we met, so I hope these relationships last a lifetime.

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JJJ: What is your most memorable moment with the cast?
: One of the days I was filming was a day or two after my birthday, so while I was in the hair and makeup trailer, Hudson and Bobby (my movie brothers) decorated my trailer with balloons and streamers, and they got me a gift. It was really sweet.

JJJ: We heard profits from 90 Minutes in Heaven will be donated to charity. Can you share a bit more about that?
: When you go see the movie, you can go to GivingFilms.com and choose from 8 charities that you want to receive the profits from your ticket. I’m really happy to be part of something where everyone’s hard work is being put to such a good use.

JJJ: You are also on the series Finding Carter, tell us about your character Reagan.
: Reagan is Grant’s “love interest” he met on the internet. I really like playing Reagan because she’s cute and fun, but she’s not afraid to stand up to Grant if he’s not treating her right. In season 2 they finally got to meet in person, and I’m excited to see where the storyline goes in the rest of season 2.

JJJ: When you aren’t working, what do you like to do in your spare time?
: I dance as much as I can in my free time. But other than that, I like to have sleepovers with my friends. I’m also on Instagram a lot in my free time. My Instagram username is @elizabeth_hunter3.

JJJ: How do you balance work and school?
: When I’m on set I have a tutor that helps me, and I’m required to do 3 hours each day. But when I’m home it’s harder because I have to balance homework and working on a new script, so it’s definitely not easy. I just have to fit my schoolwork in whenever I can.

JJJ: What songs are on your current playlist?
: “Can’t Feel My Face” and “The Hills” by The Weekend, “Cheerleader” by OMI, “F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D.” by R5, “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf****r” by Maroon 5, and pretty much every song on Ed Sheeran’s album “X.”

JJJ: If you weren’t an actress, what career path would you most likely take?
: Well, I’m only 12, so I haven’t really thought about it. I just happened to fall in love with acting when I was 7, and that’s really the only thing on my mind. I think I might’ve been a writer. Writing is a lot like acting, and a lot of actors are writers.

JJJ: Is there a quote or mantra you try to follow or keep in mind in your daily life?
: I think the point of life is to be happy, so I try to remember that in everything I do.

JJJ: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
: This is really hard because I want to go everywhere! But if I had to pick one place it would probably be England. I’m not really sure why, besides the fact that I love their accents! Who doesn’t!?

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