Ian Somerhalder & Kat Graham Talk Bamon's Relationship This Season on 'The Vampire Diaries' (JJJ Interview)

Ian Somerhalder & Kat Graham Talk Bamon's Relationship This Season on 'The Vampire Diaries' (JJJ Interview)

As we’re getting ready for the upcoming seventh season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, one of the couples most asked about is, of course, Damon and Bonnie.

JJJ recently sat down with both Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham on set in Atlanta where they gave us the scoop on their characters’ relationship.

“We actually find her, Damon, and Alaric (Matt Davis), they are not in Mystic Falls,” Kat said. “By the time they get back, they have to deal with things in their own very interesting way.”

They travel to Amsterdam together, but both actors confirm that there’s a bit of resentment there.

“Every time he looks at Bonnie, he only sees NOT Elena (Nina Dobrev),” Ian told us. “He does love her and it’s an unfortunate situation that they find themselves in because it’s that thing of every time he looks at her, ‘Oh, if I just push her off the side of this building, I’d get Elena back’…It’s this volley between ‘I love this woman as a friend, but if something happens to her, I get my girl back.’”

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He added, “However, not only just because he loves Bonnie, but he really, truly wants to protect her. Because if in any event, something happens to her, and Elena wakes up and it’s 2016 or 2017 or even 2020, she’s going to be pissed. And Damon doesn’t want to disappoint her…keeping her alive is a very, very layered and nuanced dynamic between Bonnie and Damon. He adores her and doesn’t want anything to happen to her.”

Kat said, “I think they are trying to help each other cope. They have a couple moments of…they kind of go at it. They’ve always kind of gone at it, but they both feel the same way and they both lost the same person that meant the most to both of them. So it’s interesting to watch how they both deal and how Bonnie kind of checks him.”

So where does that leave Damon? Will be looking for romance while Elena sleeps for the next 60-somehing years?

“[Elena] told him to go live your life. He’s determined to be true to her and do good by her,” Ian said. “He’s definitely determined to be the man that he’s never been able to be, which by the way, is admirable. Is it realistic? He thinks so. But I think that, you know, he was pining for Katherine for 150 years with the naivety of a 23-year-old boy who had really been love-stricken…He just wants to do right by her. I don’t know how he’s going to end up.”

The Vampire Diaries premieres on Thursday, October 8 @ 8PM on The CW!

- Reporting by Sharon Tharp (@sharontharp)

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  • Ro ??

    Thank you for this article!!! It’s so good to know that Damon and Bonnie care deeply for each other now and are friends… I hope they can become a couple on the show because the fans have been waiting for forever and they have an amazing potential!

  • Nisha

    Love this, thank you! Bonnie and Damon’s dynamic is special because they really see each other, the good and the bad, without excusing anything but dealing with each other head on. Their bond is so hard won and beautiful to watch play out. I hope s7 will show them maturing from the naivete Ian mentioned, and coming to acknowledge just how special they are to each other, pushing them to understand that romantic love between them could be so much more emotionally intimate and powerful than what they’ve both known of love before.

    • Bamonislove

      This! THIS!! Everything you said so well. I really hope the quality of writing will rise this season because we can see all the potential Bamon has to offer. Your last line is everything and hope the writers take that to heart. I can only imagine if Bamon’s s/l was put into capable writing hands what we might see on our screens would blow us away.

    • Bre

      “They really see each other”, do they? How? They attack each whenever the other does something they don’t like. “Their bond is so hard won”, but it wasn’t. At all. It happened off screen in between two seasons.

      I won’t comment on your idea of romantic love because it’s not happening so it’s pointless.

      • Tracy Simms

        And U feel the need to try and bring down Bamon fans why? Whatever Bamon fans have heard a million times from “anti-Bamon” fans won’t change our minds in what we think Bamon can become.

  • Yaz

    I’m glad to see where Bonnie and Damon’s relationship have turned since season 1, it’s great that they have a close bond and they love each other, and Damon wants to protect her.

  • Bre

    I’m sad for the state of the Bonnie fandom when they accept these pathetic breadcrumbs and think it’s romantic. Damon only cares about Bonnie’s welfare because Elena would be pissed off if he let her die. Ian can try to spin it in a positive light as much as he wants, it won’t change the fact that Damon is constantly wanting Bonnie dead on some level. Bonnie fans, love yourselves, for god’s sake.

    • Lynn

      Why don’t you love yourself and get off the pro Bamon comments Bre?

    • Terri Odessa

      This comment is pathetic. Don’t understand why you felt the need to say this. Pointless. Bamon fans will always be Bamon fans.

  • Guest

    BONNIE AND DAMON FOREVER! Shame on you Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson for not following the books: http://prettyandwittyandbright.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/on-tv-everything-wrong-with-the-cws-teen-oriented-programming/

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