'Chasing Life' Cancelled By ABC Family After Two Seasons

'Chasing Life' Cancelled By ABC Family After Two Seasons

The tears are real you guys — Chasing Life has been cancelled.

According to THR, the ABC Family show starring Italia Ricci has been cancelled by the network after two seasons.

“With this finale, I wanted to go out as big as possible with as many question marks as possible,” showrunner Patrick Sean Smith shared about the cliffhanger on the season two finale. “Any time I ask a question on a show, I typically know what that answer is.”

He added, “There’s a lot to explore in season three, like April’s emotional state and her big decision to end treatment, there’s a lot to explore with Uncle George and the manuscript and the investigation that’s now in play, and then a lot to explore with Brenna and Finn now that Greer is moving back to town, and also what happens with Beth. I mean, everyone’s life is up in the air right now by the end of the second season.”

See, we NEED a season three for this!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Chasing Life getting cancelled?

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  • http://gayamericaninargentina.blogspot.com.ar/ JJ THE EXPAT

    While season 2 kind of sucked I am sorry to hear that the show got cancelled. But I also feel like the finale had major closure with April deciding to stop treatment … which essentially meant her death was a sure thing and rather than watching her go like the character on the Big C we get to see a different kind of resolution to someone that has terminal cancer. So yeah. I´m satisfied with the series finale.

  • Judi

    FWIT and IMO: Termination of this show after two seasons is VERY DISAPPOINTING.

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  • Angel

    I think its horrible that they cancelled it! I think even though April STARTED to find closure in her condition but there is so much more to explore.. such as if the bone marrow transplant would be her key to her health or if there was just one more trail medication would do the trick…n seeing where Doms character was headed n whether they’d keep him in Boston or if we’d lose him as well. The only thing that sucked about season two was killing Leo. Beth’s situation is a major thing to find out how it turns out and esp how the whole situation with Uncle George and the manuscript n police situation pans out..if Natalie would stick up for the Carvers or not… If Brenna truly finds out she was Fins donor n out that transpans out … seriously people we NEEEED season three!!!!!!!!

  • Joolz

    ABC Family sucks for cancelling this show! I loved this show! I wanted to see more of April & Dominic together. I think I am one of the only ones when I say I wasn’t a big fan of Leo. I liked April & Dominic together. And I wanted to see more of that!

  • alina castillo

    I am disappointed at ABC for cancelling this show it was a very good show and it had a lot of meaning that touched a lot of people suffering from the same cancer and life challenges that we all face in real life! I believe there should be a season 3 season 4 whatever it takes until they themselves stop the show not it being forced to stop! I really hope this show gets brought back on