New 'Twilight' Novel Released with a Twist!

New 'Twilight' Novel Released with a Twist!

The author of the “Twilight” series just made a huge announcement — she has released a new book that has swapped Edward and Bella’s genders, now making them Edythe and Beau

“I wanted to do something fun for the 10th anniversary,” Stephanie Meyer, the author, said, adding that she was bothered by people who thought Bella was a “damsel in distress,” so she flipped the genders.

“Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined” is now available online and in stores!

Edward and Bella were played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the movies.

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  • Allyson

    Wow! Interesting!

  • Gloriaallen

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    • Martin Ross

      Gloriallen, that was about the most cogent and succinct comment on the Twilight phenomenon I could imagine. Get a job — wow, dead-on!!

  • Ra’s Al Ghul

    people thought she lacked a personality.

  • Royaleisia the Strong

    Oh goodness.

  • Martin Ross

    Yeah, no, never. Twilight helped establish what’s wrong particularly with youth-oriented fiction and movies today — a pandering to literally monstrous erotic exploitation as human emotion, promotion of bloodsuckers and wolf-like sexual animals as the ideal for adolescents already grappling with issues like date rape and abuse, the goofy elevation of vacuous teen superficialities as human virtues, and the myth of adult as a root of earthly evil (talk about stroking the audience).

  • Deenohh

    The twilight series had an interesting premise. It had the potential to be different. However the dialog, character development and plot execution is more than little ham-fisted. Not only does the Bella character show a near sociopathic lack of caring or compassion for anybody but herself but is without the simple courage to live life on it’s own terms. Her entire attraction to the vampires is based on their ability to provide an existence for her that is essentially without risk. Edward will never be able to leave her. The family will exist forever. They have zillions of illegally obtained dollars. It’s all about what they have, what they are and what they can give Bella. She cares nothing for who they are as people and who the vampires are as people are not good. For Bella to give up her real family, friends even.Jacob? From Bella’s point of view they are not even worthy of consideration. Bella does not give more than a few seconds thought to the pain her mother & father will go through mourning her, how,the wolves will feel when she is their mortal enemy. That’s another wonderful Twilight trope. Bella never has to suffer the consequences of her decisions, actions and behavior. In fact everybody BUT Bella pays the freight for the consequences of her selfish choices and behavior..