'Girl Meets World' Poll - Are You Team Rucas or Lucaya?

'Girl Meets World' Poll - Are You Team Rucas or Lucaya?

We are still reeling from last week’s three-part episode event of Girl Meets World!

So many things went down (read our recap!) while the gang spent time in Lucas’ (Peyton Meyer) hometown of Austin, Texas.

Riley (Rowan Blanchard) basically convinces Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) to go on a date with Lucas even though she clearly still has feelings for him too.

Meanwhile, she goes out with Charlie “Cheese souffle” Gardener and the date is just as awkward. Luckily, Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) swoops in to help her sort out of her feelings a little bit.

Still, things are so up in the air right now! Which couple do you want to see together? Take our poll below!

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  • Anna

    Lucaya and Riarkle. Enough said. :)

    • Mela Lerman

      Thank you

    • Bengina fantaisie


  • Alpna V

    rude that this poll doesn’t even mention any of the non-straight ships!

    RILAYA, LARKLE, ZUCAS, ZUCARKLE, POLY 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheEpicKen


  • Ariane

    Rucas and Joshaya

    • Serenity Peters

      No no no no no no lucaya

      • Serenity Peters

        I mean I love lucaya

    • Bengina fantaisie

      Ew no lucaya and riarkle all the waaayy

  • Nichole McGuire Henderson

    If Riley and Lucas don’t end up together I’m going to stop watching the show.

  • Cass

    Rucas all the way

  • multishipper for life

    Rilaya is the endgame, everyone knows it (romantic NOT PLANTONIC)
    Rilaya has the most chemistry than every single hetro ship on the show.
    the only reason why are not canon yet is because they are two girls, if one of them was a boy i bet everyone would end up shipping them.

  • Mckennah

    Hi this is mckennah I love that

  • Mckennah


  • Mckennah


    • Mckennah

      Hi this is mckennah

  • disqus_NHxXHEqwWt

    I voted ‘other’, I like all the potential couples – Riley/Lucas, Maya/Lucas, Riley/Charlie, Riley/Farkle, Maya/Farkle, Riley/Maya, Lucas/Farkle etc etc. I’d be happy with any pairing that happened as long as Riley and Maya stayed friends and it didn’t affect their relationship (eg if Lucas and Maya got together). I also like Maya and Josh (though it’s not an option on the poll) but because of the age difference I think it’d only be okay if it happened later on in the series (if Girl Meets World makes it to a 5th season). I don’t think a 3 year age difference would be a big deal in a couple of years but right now I think Maya is 14 and Josh is 17 so that would be inappropriate.

  • Serenity Peters

    Lucaya all the way
    -lucas and maya had the most romantic moment in the whole show
    -there way more comfortable together
    -maya always sits in front of lucas in every class
    -lucas thinks maya is the “beautiful blonde”
    -riley and lucas act more like friends maya and lucas are so much more than just friends
    So those are the reasons that lucaya is so much better than rucus

  • Ariane

    You know what? I changed my mind. Riarkle & Joshaya. Fight me on this, that’s what I really want.

  • Serenity Peters

    Changing my vote to other
    Because Josh and Maya are so cute together and you can see why they’re so cute together in Girl Meets Ski Lodge part 2 it’s so adorable I change my vote like that

  • Bengina fantaisie

    Lucaya and riarkle… Easy

  • Marsha

    I can’t wait to tune in to future episodes and relive my childhood through the next generation. I believe it can stand alone without the throwbacks, but I can’t say that wasn’t what made me love it.

    Absolutely spectacular, a stunning model of current television for a younger audience. Girl meets World teaches the importance of friendship and hardships and simply teaches young children about the world they live in.

    I’m 20 years old and I’m watching this show like it has become a part of my life. I’m craving for new episodes all the time and I’ve at least re watched it three times.

    Overall, I love this show and I can’t wait for the newest season.