Chloe Moretz's 'Little Mermaid' Is Not the Disney Version - Here Are the Differences

Chloe Moretz's 'Little Mermaid' Is Not the Disney Version - Here Are the Differences

News that Chloe Moretz will be playing the title character in a new re-telling of the classic The Little Mermaid story have been met by mixed reviews, but perhaps people need to realize this is not the Disney version.

The 18-year-old actress will be starring in a live-action adaptation of the story and it was originally set to be directed by Sofia Coppola, but she dropped out of the project because she allegedly wanted to cast an unknown actress.

The story, originally penned by Hans Christian Andersen, is much darker than what the animated Disney film portrays and will really let Chloe show off her acting chops.

With intense scenes where Ariel gets her tongue cut out and turns into foam after the man she loves chooses another! In a lesser known fact, Andersen penned the story after being rejected by his own affections towards a man.

Check out this video showing the differences between the original story and Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid below:

Based On – The Little Mermaid
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  • greggy22X1

    Good actress and so knockout beautiful but her acting roles are all really lunatic even if you like them for all the right reasons. She needs to play a real hero role, like Hit Girl now adult and working for CIA, or Phoenix Dark in a movie adaptation. No more whacky lunacy for a while, please, Chloe. Strangely, this also applies to another Chloe, Chloe Sevigny. If you can’t find the role, produce it yourself. Maybe the two Chloes can do this kind of movie role together?

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  • Jenny from the flop

    No one is going to see this crap. The only reason people loved the little mermaid was because of ursula. And chloe is f-ng ugly. She looks like a boy in a wig


      Dude, there’s NO WAY she is “f-ng ugly and looks like a boy in a wig”. Are you blind and abnormal from birth?? Are you British?? Are you unable to tell the difference between a misshapen man and a beautiful woman?? Are you really that difficult mentally and sexually??

      • Jenny from the flop

        Lmfao I assume you’re Chloe’s gay brother ????Stay strong!

        • triggergauntlet

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          • Jenny from the flop

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