4th Impact's Celina Collapses on Stage on 'X Factor UK'; Band Tweets Update

4th Impact's Celina Collapses on Stage on 'X Factor UK'; Band Tweets Update

4th Impact keep close together after performing on the live finals of X Factor UK on Saturday night (November 14) in London, England.

One of the girls, Celina, collapsed on stage after their performance of Beyonce‘s “Work It Out” and her band mates huddled around her to keep her from falling over.

“Thank u guys for praying for us.Celina is ok now -she wanna say thank u to all ur support and love????God is good all the time,” Almira wrote on Twitter, updating their fans.

Watch their performance below!

4th Impact sings Work It Out by Beyonce
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Credit: Syco / Thames / Corbis ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • kuk

    4th impact upped the standard…they gave justice to Beyonce’s song, made it more fun…what a performance, perfect (as Nick puts it)!!!

    • William Gustilo

      I can only conclude that their version is much better than Beyonce, right?

  • Amairany

    Great Voices but Why does all the girlbands have to dance?

  • rackinfrackin

    Yay, Celina! Sing a ballad next week, girls, no matter what Cheryl insists you do.

  • Victoria

    4th Impact just turned an unknown song (even if it’s Beyonce orig) into a smashed hit. Great performance!

    • Gina

      It’s hardly unknown, sweetie, just because you don’t know it.

      • Victoria

        You should know it , as a Beyonce die-hard, obviously.

        • Gina

          Not a die-hard, just someone who doesn’t live under a rock.

    • BlakeRye

      Work it out was in the top 10 songs in the UK when it was released …. so yeah, it “was” a known song.

  • marife

    4th impact is the best. I love there performance considering Celina almost collapse onstage and hope I hope she is ok now.

  • Rick M

    From the online article I read last week, 4TH IMPACT actually asked Cheryl if they could sing a ballad for Live Show Week 3 but Cheryl said it wasn’t the time yet. And it turns out she was right. However Cheryl had consented according to the article for 4th Impact to sing a ballad for Live Show Week 4… Well, let’s wait and see… My personal preference is the song “And I’m Telling You” (from the movie Dream Girls) after I saw their YouTube performance being held in a karaoke-like setting singing this song… It gave all the members of the group a chance to show off their vocal skills and even though the video wasn’t of good quality it was enjoyable to watch because it was – 4TH IMPACT being 4TH IMPACT – just normal girls who love to sing and have fun… Anyway, it’s only my opinion and the girls probably already have decided what ballad they want to sing (if the article is correct)… But, it will definitely be highly entertaining.

  • G Cap

    siblings bonding is such good examples we rarely see nowadays, that’s the main reason 4th Impact always perform so well to the delight of viewers and fans.

  • Natasha

    What I like these girls is that they seem to play around while they’re on stage… It’s like it’s their playground to play along with the music and sing…. such an enjoyment to watch!

  • crystal

    Did you see their house? Didn’t they say they needed to win XF to pay for an operation for their Dad? I smell BS.

    • Pang

      If you’re talking about the house in the video, that house is where the girls practice. Not where they “live” live. And get your nose out of bull$hit; you might smell something called talent.

      • crystal

        Hey Pain, LOUISA JOHNSON WON!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYAYYAY LOLOLOLOLOL!!! She’s the BEST!!!!