Reign's Showrunner Previews What's Next After Francis's Death

Reign's Showrunner Previews What's Next After Francis's Death

While we all come back from the idea that King Francis (Toby Regbo) is definitely not coming back, showrunner Laurie McCarthy is at least giving some hope on what’s coming next on Reign.

Speaking with EW, she let fans know what we can expect throughout the rest of the season. Check it:

On Catherine: “It doesn’t just affect Mary’s life, it affects Catherine, who after a lot of really interesting, dramatic struggle, goes on to become a leader in her own right. She becomes the regent of France for decades to come. [His death] shifts the power dynamic at court between Narcisse and Catherine. There’s going to be a huge battle for the regency coming up and a blossoming relationship between she and Narcisse because his ambition is going to be awakened again.”

On Mary and Elizabeth: “[Francis' death will] heighten the dynamic between Mary and Elizabeth, because suddenly they’re both vying for the same men, really. It makes Mary more of a threat to Elizabeth because the question becomes who is she going to marry next and because she has to make a political marriage, will it be something that puts Elizabeth in even more jeopardy?”

On the loss of Frary: Since fans have no lost Frary, which is the next epic romance to come? “I think that there will be another epic romance. I’m not promising that it’ll be an epic romance for Mary right away, but there are other epic romances coming, and one of them is Elizabeth and Dudley in England.”

On Mary’s comeback: “I think she’s going to recover because she will find her strength. It puts her in frankly a scrappier position because she’s not just losing the love of her life, she’s losing the alliance with France and what that foretells is that at some point, she’s going to return to Scotland, she’s going to lay claim to the throne that is actually her throne in the country that she was born to rule.”

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  • Gerry Haines

    Losing Francis in Reign just destroyed the show. Could have waited nearer the end of the run.

>>>>>>> staging1