Five Reasons Why EVERYONE Needs To Watch 'Liv & Maddie' This Weekend

Five Reasons Why EVERYONE Needs To Watch 'Liv & Maddie' This Weekend

Tonight’s episode of Liv and Maddie doesn’t just rock because Kristen Bell is guest starring.

JJJ caught the episode earlier in the week, thanks to the WATCH Disney Channel app, and not only is it one of the show’s best, it opens up a world of discussion on asking more from female stars at events (something we know we’re guilty of), in interviews, and even just as a fan on social media. Here are five reasons you should tune in:

1. Kristen Bell: Yes, we know, we just said she’s not the only reason to tune in. But, she is awesome, and watching her and Dove Cameron work together is something we wish would happen on every episode. We are already imagining Kristen as another princess or, even a villain, in Descendants 2.

2. Josh: As much as we were kind of rooting for Holden (Jordan Fisher) to get that part of Garrison, we are just LOVING Josh, played by Lucas Adams. He’s hilarious and, along with Willow, is on Liv’s side to get fans talking about more than just her fashion.

3. Liv: Like us, and probably many others, didn’t even realize she was ONLY being asked about fashion or makeup or her beauty routine, but once it was pointed out, she wanted to change it. Stat. And with a little help from Kristen at her side, they do. This episode actually opened up JJJ’s eyes and we WILL be asking more. So, stars, beware. We’ll get crazy with our questions.

4. Karen: Kali Rocha is our favorite Disney Channel mom right now and for good reason. She gets her daughter’s thinking about everything. Plus, she pulled out a super cool, super “Mom” thing on the episode. You’ll know it when you see it.

5. Parker: Just one question because although we have more, there’s only just one we have to ask. A BOOK?! The entire house is being held up by a book?! Dr. P needs to be explaining that science and engineering now.

Stay tuned to JJJ for a full sneak peek of the episode later this weekend!

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