Jessica Sanchez Talks Christmas Music, Food & More With JJJ (Exclusive Interview)

Jessica Sanchez Talks Christmas Music, Food & More With JJJ (Exclusive Interview)

In case you haven’t heard, Jessica Sanchez just dropped a new Christmas EP and it’s all JJJ‘s been listening to for the past few days. No lies.

On top of that, the 20-year-old singer also debuted some new merch on her website, so of course, we just had to talk to her about it all before the holidays were here.

Jessica told us all about everything — from the EP, to the merch, to teasing us about her new music coming in 2016. Plus, we even got an exclusive shout out to you guys!

“HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH,” Jessica shared. “Hope you guys liked my last minute Christmas gift, the Christmas EP Christmas With Jessica. [I'm] Seriously so happy to have all of you apart of my journey and my life. You guys are just the best. Love you all, God Bless.”

JJJ: We’re obsessed with your newly released Christmas EP. Why did you want to do a holiday themed EP?
Jessica Sanchez:
Aww thank you! I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas album. This EP actually happened really last minute! I was terribly sick at the time, but I really wanted to give the fans some new music so we decided to recorded it the next 2 days after coming up with the idea. [I'm] Really happy that you guys like it even though I was sick. Just wait, next year it’ll be much better!

JJJ: Do you have a favorite track on the EP? Is there a holiday song you wish you would’ve included afterwards?
I LOVE “Santa Baby”! Just love how sexy and festive it is. There’s tons of songs I wish I could’ve done but, there’s always next year.

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JJJ: Do you have any hopes to do a full length Christmas album one day? What other songs would you include?
Of course! Theres so many good Christmas songs…. It’s kinda hard to choose. But I definitely love “The Christmas Song” and “All I Want For Christmas”.

JJJ: Do you have any favorite traditions or favorite movies for the holiday season?
I just always love spending it with my family! Christmas will be at my place this year so I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’m gonna try to cook some festive dishes for them, put on some festive music on and probably spend all day in our festive pajamas.

JJJ: You also just released new merch. What’s your favorite product?
I was so excited when I saw the samples, its not even funny. I’m really really happy about it because I was actually able to personally pick the styles of the clothing so the styles of the shirts and how simple the hats and hoodies look, with just my signature, I actually love and would wear myself. The hoodies are probably my favorite.

JJJ: What merch item do you think fans will love the most?
I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets about the hoodies!

JJJ: You’ll be reuniting with a ton of Idol alumus at the OC concert this week. Are you excited?
YES! Its gonna be like a big Idol party! Theres gonna be so much talent its ridiculous. I’m excited not only to meet them but to hear them sing also!!

JJJ: What are your hopes for 2016? Any exciting plans?
My goal for 2016 is at the least, tease some new music for my loves. They’ve been waiting quite a while and I really wanna show them the new direction I’m wanting to get into. More of the R&B Rhythmic Pop. I have some plans of traveling to some pretty awesome places for upcoming performances so I can’t wait to announce those when the time comes!


Christmas with Jessica is available NOW!

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