Monique Coleman Kicks Butt In The New 'Fourth Door' Trailer - Watch Here

Monique Coleman Kicks Butt In The New 'Fourth Door' Trailer - Watch Here

Lain (Monique Coleman) totally kicked some butt just before this moment in the new trailer for her digital series, The Fourth Door.

The Fourth Door is a supernatural thriller that follows this girl, Lain, through a place called Limbo, which in this story is where we go after we die, but before when we get to where we are going next.

“I think Lain’s journey is interesting because in her life, she was very sure of herself and the decisions that she’d made, but then in her afterlife – or in Colin’s afterlife, rather – she discovers why she took steps off of the path for love, and I think that’s really neat,” Monique explained to

She added, “I really want people to watch it because I’m interested to learn how the audience perceives it and what they take from it. I look forward to getting people’s feedback. I love that it’s in this supernatural, larger than life world, but the story is something simple enough that people can relate to. I think sometimes it takes being in an overly stimulated visual environment to distract you from the fact that we’re all just people who are trying to learn how to love each other. In it, we ask the question, is there still hope after you die? I think there is.”

The Fourth Door Trailer: “There is a place where memory lives…”
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