'High School Musical' Cast Reunites on 'Good Morning America' - Watch Now!

'High School Musical' Cast Reunites on 'Good Morning America' - Watch Now!

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman, Corbin Bleu, and Lucas Grabeel sit down for a Good Morning America interview that aired on Tuesday (January 19) from Los Angeles.

Noticeably absent was Zac Efron, who did send in a video for his former castmates.

“This is only 10 years – let’s have a billion more! I love you guys!” Zac said.

The cast is gearing up for a special rebroadcast that will air on the original airdate, January 20, with new footage of the cast reuniting.

“At one point it literally felt like we were The Beatles,” Vanessa told GMA. recalls “Now it’s like we can go to the coffee store and we’re completely left alone (laughs).”

Watch the High School Musical cast on GMA below!

High School Musical Cast – 10 Years Later on GMA
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  • IMO

    Lovely to see them together again. It’s too bad all we got was a low quality, two second insincere message filmed by what it looks like a camera phone by his highness from his balcony at home. The excuse was a lie, (there was no press for Dirty Grandpa). He should just man up and not act like he is grateful, or friends since he clearly wants nothing to do with any of them or the past films. When he gives interviews and lies about wanting a reunion, then when it comes down to it he doesn’t . He let down some fans that will get over it , but he should have realized it would have done wonders for his career and some good positive PR instead of all the negativity this and even worse his ignorant , egotistical Tweet he did yesterday. I know people are blaming the GF since she “helps” but he is to blame for letting her make him seem like nothing but a insensitive arrogant jerk. Also Zac look in the mirror you are a white privileged man who knows nothing of the struggles of MLK and what he and others fought for. He preached equality for all people using peace and intelligence would never have approved of the blacks fists emoji you are pushing, while riding in your very expensive car from your millions of dollars home. Seriously if you are not posting this yourself , fire the person who is since they are ruining your career. You are making it so hard to be your fan . There s no humility real “or even acting fake” from you any more. I realize you have become a huge mega star but the ones that go the distance and have long careers are the ones who remain humble and know where they came from and are truly grateful and most of all never forget where they came from .

    • OK

      First let me say I’m so happy to see you posting. I also want to say I think this is a fantastic post and I agree with every word you said here.
      I agree with both the subjects that you mention here. The “HSM” reunion and then his post on “MLK.”
      I believe 1% that is PR girlfriend tweeted for him but I do agree with you this is all his fault for letting her do it.
      I hope the apology does some good but for some people it is just too little, too late.
      Once again thanks for a great post

      • IMO

        Thanks and I answered you on the HSM Just Jared post. Maria has some great things to add as well. See you there.