The Fosters' David Lambert Talks Brandon's 'Refreshing' New Relationship! (JJJ Interview)

The Fosters' David Lambert Talks Brandon's 'Refreshing' New Relationship! (JJJ Interview)

David Lambert is talking all things The Fosters in this new interview with JJJ!

We caught up with the 22-year-old actor to get the scoop on Brandon’s relationship with Callie (Maia Mitchell) moving forward, his new love interest Courtney, and how it’s been working with Noah Centineo in the role of Jesus.

Check it out below! And don’t forget – The Fosters airs TONIGHT, February 1 @ 8PM on Freeform. Brandon is worried about burdening his moms with the Julliard tuition, but they are supportive of him. Is this going to be a running worry of Brandon’s this season, especially given that they just found out about Stef’s diagnosis?

David Lambert: I definitely think this will be one of the things that Brandon puts on his shoulders, which also starts to show a bit more of a mature Brandon. He is turning 18 by the end of this season and I think he is beginning to see things in a more adult light.

JJJ: Brandon and Callie decided to be honest if they are seeing someone else., which is easier said than done. Who do you think is going to have a harder time with that, and seeing the other with someone else?

DL: I think it will ultimately be really tough on both of them. In the second half of season 3three, we see them staying very preoccupied with other obstacles and elements that they’re individually dealing with. I think they will also have very different ways of coping with it and sort of burying the whole thing. Brandon is obviously more of an artist and I think he will find comfort in music or things along those lines. Coming up soon, we will find out his newest musical “phase” that he’ll be taking on and I think what happened between him and Callie played a big part in inspiration for its themes.

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JJJ: In the promo, Brandon tries to encourage Callie with the Fost and Found stuff. Are they going to continue to be a support system for each other or are they trying to keep their distance?

DL: I think that’s a scene in this upcoming episode that exemplifies what their relationship is becoming. It is evolving into this very strong connection, but in a different way where they do check in on each other every now and then and want to see each other be happy. However, they also can’t fully be there for each other just because of everything that has happened up to this point. It’s a bit of both.

JJJ: Someone leaves a cryptic message about Callie hooking up with her foster brother. What can you tease about that?

DL: Well, it will definitely be answered and I can’t say too much without alluding to who it may be. I do think that fans should go in without assumptions about who it may be or what it may mean. They should be open-minded as to what will happen next!

JJJ: Speaking of them hooking up, if or when that gets out to the rest of the family, who do you think would be the most upset by it?

DL: I think it would be the biggest bomb to drop on the family, especially because it would mean that everything would have to change in terms of the household. This means that Callie would have to move out and then Jude would maybe leave as well? It would be a very bad situation overall, but I think that Stef would be pretty destroyed by it because she has always been on the front line of the battle for Callie and Jude. She has formed a strong bond with Callie at this point and I don’t think she would know what to do if she heard about what happened between Brandon and Callie.

JJJ: We see Brandon has a new love interest in Courtney. What draws him to her? What can you tell us about their budding relationship?

DL: Yes, I think that Courtney will be around for a little bit. Brandon ends up taking interest in her pretty quickly and she’s a more independent presence. She is also a little bit older than Brandon so I think he finds that new and refreshing. It’s also nice because she has nothing to do with anything else in his life and that is a great escape. It is possibly a new person to confide in and it will be interesting to see how their relationship pans out.

JJJ: Looking back to season one, what do you think has been the biggest change in Brandon?

DL: I think he has been humbled a few times since season one. I also think he has made and learned from a few mistakes, which has caused him to mature, learn and grow in different ways. He has learned more about himself and what he wants and needs through his experience with Callie and all of the various musical stages we have seen him go through. I also think by the end of this season we are seeing a much more mature version of Brandon compared to season one.

JJJ: And finally, how’s it been working with Noah as the new Jesus?!

DL: Noah Centineo has been a great addition to the “family.” He fit in very quickly with our cast and crew and he is a fantastic, fun and talented guy to have with us. Since we pretty much started shooting 3b, I was looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to having him on the show. I really think that people will like him. He does such a great job and adds depth to the character without taking away the qualities that have already been established. I’m just excited to see what the character Jesus will be going through in the near future.

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