Teen Wolf's Victoria Moroles Talks Hayden & Liam's Relationship - JJJ Interview!

Teen Wolf's Victoria Moroles Talks Hayden & Liam's Relationship - JJJ Interview!

Check out this brand new interview with the awesome Victoria Moroles!

The 19-year-old actress currently stars as Hayden on Teen Wolf, but you may also know her as Andie from Liv and Maddie!

We talked to her about what’s coming up for Hayden and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), who we are totally shipping. She also hints at some danger coming up for her character. Check it:

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JustJaredJr: What was your audition for Teen Wolf like? Did you know much about your character and what she was?

Victoria Moroles: I really didn’t know much about Hayden when I auditioned for her. I had sample sides whenever I read for the audition and chemistry reads so it wasn’t even the actual script of my first episode. It wasn’t until I booked it that I got to see the actual script, then I knew a little bit of her backstory and what part she was going to play in the show.

JJJ: Do you ship Hayden and Liam (or “Layden”) together? What do you love most about them?

VM: Most definitely! I love Liam and Hayden’s relationship. I think it’s very young and sweet. I love that they were both willing to stay together while testing the loyalty of their own packs. I feel like that shows they truly care about each other.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Victoria Moroles

JJJ: Now that Hayden seems to be in Scott’s pack, what does that mean for their relationship?

VM: Well, I don’t think she’s quite in Scott’s pack yet. She’s made her decision, but we still have to see how the process of that plays out. As far as her going to Liam, it shows that she trusts him and that she knows being on this side in the end is best both for her safety and their relationship.

JJJ: What else can you tease about what’s coming up for Hayden?

VM: Over the next couple episodes, we’ll see Hayden start to figure out how she can support her decision to come over to Scott’s pack. Towards the end of the season we’ll find her physically hurt and in serious danger with an unknown outcome.

JJJ: Who would you say are you closest with on set?

VM: 50/50 Kelsey and Benita!

JJJ: We have to ask – any chance we’ll see more of Andie on Liv and Maddie?

VM: I don’t have a definite answer as of now, but I always hope that’s a possibility! I love when I get to be with my Liv and Maddie family.

JJJ: What’s been your favorite moment from filming that show?

VM: A favorite moment on Liv and Maddie was filming “Friend-A–Rooney.” We had a live taping for that episode and it was a blast. There’s always such a great energy with an audience that brings it to a whole other level for me. There’s honestly never a dull moment on the show. It’s like home base for me and I love it.

JJJ: Teen Wolf and Liv and Maddie are SUCH different shows. What’s the biggest difference for you?

VM: The biggest difference between both shows would probably be the schedule. My week is going to look completely different work wise. Of course the tones of the two shows are both very different, but I still put the same energy behind them, just with a different approach.

JJJ: And what do you like to do in your free time?

VM: When I get any real “free” time, like when I consider myself 100% off, it’s either spent hanging out with the people I love, finding something fun and different to do, or taking time to reflect on myself. And by that I mean binge-watching shows that I’ve been wanting to finish for months on end.

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