'The 100' Showrunner Jason Rothenberg Talks Fate of Bellamy

'The 100' Showrunner Jason Rothenberg Talks Fate of Bellamy

First question that popped out of our mouths when we saw this week’s preview for The 100 — where’s Bellamy?

Easy, he’s not in the episode. At all.

“There will be a few episodes like that this season, where characters who have been in every episode until now will not appear,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg shared with TVLine. “That’s simply because our cast is so large now and the world is so expansive.”

He added about Bellamy’s (played by Bob Morley) story arc at the moment: “Bellamy is definitely on the road to a decision point that he will not be able to go any further down Pike’s path. The question is: How far will he go down that path before that decision point happens?”

“He definitely believes in what he’s doing. He’s torn. He’s not a fool. He understands the extreme measures being taken, and he still believes in them at the moment, and is trusting Pike. But there will come a point, we hope, where that’s no longer the case,” Jason added.

WHAT DO YOU THINK Bellamy should do?

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