Katie Stevens Talks 'Faking It', Karmy, 'American Idol' & More (Exclusive Interview)

Katie Stevens Talks 'Faking It', Karmy, 'American Idol' & More (Exclusive Interview)

Who else was loving that Faking It was back on TV last night?! We know we were!

If you missed it, you missed Amy (Rita Volk) returning to town and not regretting leaving in the first place.

“I left, it worked, I’m back and I’m over you,” she told Karma (Katie Stevens), which was just one of the jaw-dropping moments in the episode. The others? Everyone, and we mean everyone, BUT Lauren (Bailey De Young) changed almost everything about themselves.

JJJ spoke with Katie about the premiere episode, what’s ahead for Karma and more. Check out what she shared with us below!

JJJ: How different would you say Karma is when season three returns?
Katie Stevens:
I would say she definitely changed. Shane and Karma are now friends, you’ll see her with a new love interest, who she met over the summer, and she has a whole new attitude. We all know Karma to be a little neurotic, and the start of this season she has a much “chiller” vibe.

JJJ: Amy left for practically the entire summer. How much of an impact did that have on Karma?
It devastated Karma. The two of them have never been apart, and Karma felt a little abandoned. But I think it was good for the both of them to have to learn what it’s like to be without one another. Fans are normally used to seeing Karma and Amy together and on good terms, and even when they’re not, normally they get back together by the end of an episode. This time around that won’t be the case, which was fun and interesting to play.

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JJJ: Now, Karma and Shane are the BFFs which throws everyone off. How did they get to that point, how did they bond? Were you happy to see them start a friendship?
I love that they’re friends! I always thought they were so similar, which made sense why they didn’t like each other, but now I think it’s what makes for a great friendship. I also love Michael Willett so much, so it’s a blast doing scenes with him.

JJJ: It’s not just Amy that needed space from Karma, it was Liam too. How does Karma handle all of her friends/lovers leaving her all at once?
Karma will pretend it doesn’t bother her but obviously it does. You’ll see Karma come to terms with a lot of things, and see her confess why she is the way she is. Part of that is that Karma likes the feeling of people needing her and loving her, which she admits is selfish. So I think it bruises her a little that the two people she cares most for, need space from her.

JJJ: What’s the biggest change you think fans will notice when the season premieres?
Karma and Amy are not on good terms, and they’re much colder towards one another. Fans will definitely go through a roller coaster this season.

JJJ: In the trailer, we see Karma facing Amy at the hospital. Can you set up that scene for us? How many emotions will we go through?
I can’t really set that scene up without ruining it. But I think that is definitely the scene where fans will cry and go through ALL of the emotions. I cried reading that scene.

JJJ: How has Karma’s style evolved over the seasons?
I’m OBSESSED with Karma’s style. Beth Hoppe, our costumer, has done an incredible job with Karma’s evolution. Karma started out a little dorky and now is a bohemian, Free People queen. Beth and I create vision boards of what we want Karma’s style to look like before each season, so it’s awesome that she allows me to be a part of the process.

JJJ: Has her style impacted your own?
Her wardrobe has definitely inspired my real life wardrobe as well. It’s so cute, and incredibly comfortable. I am definitely more simplistic with my wardrobe, and putting outfits together is stressful to me. It’s helpful to me to see how Beth puts Karma’s wardrobe together, I try to pay attention so that I know what to do in my own closet.

JJJ: Are you hoping that Karma and Amy end up together? How do you think they’ll really last/sort out their feelings for each other?
I always root for their friendship. And I always say, the show would not be able to exist without the friendship of Karma and Amy. They’re the glue. I can’t say whether or not I see them together romantically, because I have zero clue what the writers have planned for them. But I am inspired by the love of their friendship, and I think if they always put that first, they’ll last.

JJJ: Over the past three seasons, is there a one-liner or scene that you’ll never forget?
The scene where Amy confesses her love to Karma is a scene I’ll never forget. We filmed that scene, not knowing if we were going to get another season. So not only was the content of the scen extremely emotional, but Rita and I were emotional because it could’ve potentially been our last scene together. Thankfully, it wasn’t and we’ve been able to continue these character’s stories.

JJJ: You posted a powerful response to body shamers on Instagram recently. How do you hope that inspires others to stand up against bullying?
It’s difficult. I grew up not having social media when I was in middle school and high school, and kids were mean enough back then. It makes me sad to read things that kids say on social media to each other, they’re ruthless because they’re hidden behind a computer screen. It makes me sad to think that my future children could be bullied like that. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a teenager today. I just don’t understand what the gain is from being cruel? It doesn’t make you any happier, or better you in any way. If I can use my position to make people on social media think twice before they post something, than I think I’m succeeding. Celebrities are people too, we read things, and we get our feelings hurt, we’re not immune. I won’t stand by and let anyone comment on what they think I should look like, or shame me for living my life happily and healthily. And I hope I inspire people to stick up for themselves.

JJJ: You also took on the role of Lindsay in the series finale of CSI. What was your experience like on that show, especially since it was the series finale?
It was incredible! I’ve watched CSI forever, so to be on their two hour sendoff was a dream! The cast and crew were so loving, and so excited to be there, which was an incredible environment to work in. And it was inspiring of being in the presence of a group of people who have worked together for 15 years! I could only hope to have a job for that long!

JJJ: How do you feel about American Idol ending? Do you have a favorite contestant for this season?
I can’t believe it’s ending! It truly is the end of an era! I am a big fan of La’Porsha! Her voice and presence is unreal! And I also love Mackenzie! He has this whole Ed Sheeran thing going on which I love!

JJJ: What was the worst beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?
Hmmm, that I shouldn’t wear red lipstick because guys don’t like it. Um, red lipstick is sexy, and if it makes you feel beautiful then your man should love it, and if they don’t, well they can deal with it!

JJJ: You wake up with superpowers. What are they and what would your superhero name be?
My superpowers would be to teleport, and (counting this as one superpower) eat whatever I want, remain perfectly healthy, and not gain weight. My name would be All My Dreams Have Come True Girl…because if I could teleport and eat whatever I wanted, that would make all my dreams come true.


Remember to watch Faking It on Tuesdays, @ 10:30PM on MTV.

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