Maddie Ziegler Opens Up About Her Acting Career for 'Hunger' Magazine

Maddie Ziegler Opens Up About Her Acting Career for 'Hunger' Magazine

Maddie Ziegler looks stunning as one of the five cover stars of Hunger magazine’s 10th issue!

Shot by David Roemer, the 13-year-old dancer opened up to the glossy about fame, acting, and working with Sia. Check it:

On moving into acting: “I don’t want to always be seen as a reality TV person. I want people to see that there’s more that I can do, and that’s why I’m heading into acting…My lifelong dream is to get a main role in a movie, and I really hope that happens one day.”

On working with Sia: “Sia’s just really helped me stay humble and have fun. She told me to make sure that I love what I do because if you’re not passionate about it then you shouldn’t be doing it…One of the things that I find really cool is that when we go to lunch no one really knows who she is because they don’t recognize her face. I think that’s the best of both worlds.”

On dealing with fame: “I don’t really look at my Instagram or Twitter comments because people do spread rumors and make rude comments, but to be honest they’re obviously people who don’t have anything better to do than make fun of people. And I haven’t got time for that!”

Hunger 10 – the 5th Birthday issue – is available at all good newsagents and book stores from March 21 (priced Ł6.95 /$14.99). To get the full interview check! #Hunger10

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Credit: Holly Fraser; Photos: David Roemer
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  • Jamaro

    I think Maddie is just an average dancer and actress (bit parts). She could be setting herself up for a big fail / let down if she’s not careful. She seems very arrogant at times and people don’t like that. Her video with Sia was quite disturbing and inappropriate to many people. Her childhood has been taken away from her which could be the reason she acts the way she does. (That’s her mother’s fault).

    • justin stark

      “Average”? Maddie OWNS the stage when she performs,
      as anyone else dissolves into the background. Considering
      the competition- none- Maddie stands, and dances, head
      and shoulders above EVERYBODY, which suits Sia just fine.

      “…people don’t like that”? No, YOU don’t like the fact that
      she is confident. How much performing have you ever done,
      Jam-head? I’ll guess ‘none’.

      Maddie loves to dance: and that’s the whole of it. It shows.

      Other performance-types can be learned. She incorporates
      ALL of them already, however, within her Dancing.

      Your ‘concern’ for her is as phony as you are. Take a hike.

      • Jamaro

        Jam-head? LOL!!! You are just one of those Nasty name-throwing people that love to take aim at any negative comments. I never said she wasn’t a good dancer (she is)…I just said she was “average”. And the reason for that is she has so much more to learn because she is still so young. I’m very happy for her success, but she could be set up for failure if she’s not careful. First of all she’s losing so much of her childhood life. Try to deny that fact. and…she will never get that back. And children suffer from that as they get older. You seem to have so much rage built up inside you. Take a chill pill. And I’ll do what you said and will take a hike….cause it’s a really beautiful day out today!!