Bea Miller Defends Herself Against Judgemental Fans; Explains 'Living With Mom' Situation

Bea Miller Defends Herself Against Judgemental Fans; Explains 'Living With Mom' Situation

Bea Miller is possibly one of our favorite people in the world and it’s disheartening to see that she’s having to explain herself to fans on social media.

“I am exhausted of coming on twitter and seeing my own fans talking about how i am not living my life in a way that’s good enough for them,” the 17-year-old singer shared on Twitter earlier today (March 31).

Bea continued, “i would like to address this because it’s really not appropriate for anyone to tell me who i’m allowed or not allowed to spend my time with. you don’t know what goes on in my personal life to the extent that i do and it’s incredibly ignorant for you to think that what you see on the internet is all there is to my story and to my life.”

“i am not talking about the majority of my fans, who i completely adore. there have just been a handful being incredibly disrespectful lately. those people know who they are and i just want you to understand that there are so many parts of the story that are missing for you and that it is completely unfair for you to tell me i am doing something wrong when you have no idea what inspires my actions. please think before you speak, and keep in mind that i care about all of you very much and that i don’t do anything to purposely hurt you.

“if i unfollow someone, it’s not my own vicious act, it’s because i have seen them say many things that are unsettling and offensive. if i am spending time with my boyfriend, it is because it is the only time i have to see him before we both get extremely busy. if i am not on twitter very often, it is because i am trying to focus on writing my record to make it the best it can be.i just wanted to explain myself, even though i shouldn’t have to. please stop making comments about things that you don’t understand.”

Read below for what Bea had to say about fans asking her about her mother, too:

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