The 100 Showrunner Jason Rothenberg Responds To Ricky Whittle 'Bullying' Comments

The 100 Showrunner Jason Rothenberg Responds To Ricky Whittle 'Bullying' Comments

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg has released a statement after Ricky Whittle‘s bullying comments made headlines on the internet.

Ricky, who played Lincoln on The 100, has stated that Jason “bullied” him off the series.

“He [Jason] chose to belittle me and neglect my character and myself. I often had questions and emails were ignored and things like that. It was ridiculous. … That’s one thing that I’ll never forgive him for: He made me walk away from something I really love,” Ricky stated in the interview.

Jason shared in a statement, “Ricky Whittle is a talented actor; I appreciate his work on The 100 and wish him all the best moving forward on American Gods.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about this situation about The 100?

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  • Danvers

    He didn’t even deny it

    • Joatham Mcgainey

      Please check above for my reply. It is very enlightening over this whole stupid controversy

      • Raven

        Did you watch the interview? Ricky said that he constantly cut lines, and the scenes he did film, Jason would remove them too cause it was up to him to decide what to keep or remove. Ricky was ignored when he did try to reach out to talk to Jason.

        • Joatham Mcgainey

          Have you thought that Ricky was ignored because Jason thought “Hey, I hired this guy to Only play the character I created and the role I assign him, and now, he’s hounding me and trying to direct Me as to how his character is suppose to be handled? I’m not bothering to respond to this guy. ” But you haven’t considered that because you’re still mad at Jason and want to jump on someone else’s side when it comes to blaming him

          • critic

            Jason is the SHOWRUNNER of the show. As the “boss”. Does he have to give Whittle screentime, or change/alter his plans for the show based on Whittle’s complaint? NO. But when an employee has questions and issues with his work, and is CONTRACTED FULLTIME (prohibiting him from taking other jobs without permission), he has a duty to address and mediate the situation. To not do so is downright irresponsible, and to be honest, a pretty poor reflection on his character, both professionally and personally.

            If an actor signs a series regular contract, essentially making a commitment and ruling out other tv work, then he should have a chance to actually work. If the showrunner, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to use him, then release him from his contract or tell him he can take other work! The fact that Jason refused to talk to Whittle, his EMPLOYEE, and Ricky had to go to the studio/network for permission to leave the show/work elsewhere, is a reflection on Jason, not Ricky.

          • Joatham Mcgainey

            Jason is also the Core producer and Writer as the show was His to began with. Just keep that in mind. If Jason hadn’t offered CW the contract for the show, there would have been No The 100 and No Ricky(Lincoln’s character). But it seems as if most people forget that in their desire to crucify the show’s producer.

            As I said, it seemed that the obvious reason Jason didn’t talk to Ricky was because, as Ricky said in the interview, Ricky wanted to stay in the show. Ricky also said that he was basically telling Jason that he wanted back in anyway. In truth, the guy was telling Jason how Jason should handled his character. Well, again, not Ricky’s decision. Frankly, if I was in Jason’s position, and I saw an actor I picked for an important role come to me demanding why I’m cutting his scenes and then he threatens to leave the show but ultimately, stays, I would assume two things.

            1. The man is getting a bit arrogant in his role and is now trying to tell me how many scenes his character is picked for. The man is also starting to hint that he believes the whole show revolves around his character?

            2. I would also think this man is not only arrogant but a flight risk(as I would have no way of knowing whether he will want to up and leave because of his issues with me, as Ricky said he tried to do in season 2) and I would No way give him a big role in the next third season. In fact, if I want the story to go the way I write it, and this man’s character’s death would help propel the story, I would quickly want to kill off that character as quickly as possible.

            3. This mostly reflects on Ricky as well and I’ve heard many people express that. While many of his fans are playing the sympathy card, others have also expressed surprise because they thought Ricky, not Jason, was above that.

  • JUnicorn

    WOW after weeks of silence from Jason and then such a comment.That´s cool. When Ricky is such a talented actor why bully him off the show??!!

    • Joatham Mcgainey

      Ok. First of all, the show is Jason’s to take in the direction he wants, not whittle. Have you considered that? The core of Whittle’s argument is that he tries to disaprove of the way Jason took his character and Lexa’s. Well that’s Jason’s decision to do as he please since he created the show in the first place!

      I bet if Jason had know Ricky would try to tell him how to order Lincoln’s character and what direction the show should take, he wouldn’t have hired him to began with.

      • Charlie

        I really don’t think a grown man would say he was being bullied if the situation wasn’t more complicated than what YOU have assumed. Did you even watch the interview? Neither of us know them or what their working environment was like, and you presumably having no affiliation to them and suggesting Ricky was exaggerating is ridiculous. Ricky even says that a producer on the show agreed that Jason was targetting him. But okay, use your non existent knowledge on the TV industry and their situation to call him a liar. You’re probably someone who thinks Jason isn’t homophobic or racist at all, too. The fact Ricky is making a statement about this, which is something actors hardly ever do, shows that this was clearly something real going on. And that Jason changed his profile picture to ‘always learning’ when Ricky suggested he was going to mention the bullying, etc. Okaaay.

        • Joatham Mcgainey

          Oh I watched the interview, which is why I came out with disbelief. And as much as I love Ricky, I can’t take his side in this. I Never said Ricky was exaggerating. But Ricky did show through the interview that he was basically trying to Tell Jason how to Write His Own show! Is that why Jason was ignoring his emails? Maybe he thought Ricky was getting a little arrogant. Who knows. Have you even tried to look at things from JR point of view? Or have you just used your anger at Jason handling of this third season of the 100 to quickly rally against him.

          Ricky was trying to do the same thing. He was trying to tell Jason that he, Jason shouldn’t cut his scenes,and that he disagreed with Jason about how Lexa’s death was handled. Well, Ricky should have known from the start that he wasn’t hired to think for Jason; He was hired to act the role and the scenes that Jason assigned him to! That was the so-called Bullying Ricky endured! His trying to dictated to Jason how to do his own Job!

          And then I learned that Ricky wanted to leave in season 2 and then thought he actually thought after that that Jason would give him a big role for the third season? He was practically begging Jason to off his character.

          I was undecided before but once I watched the interview, I just felt like rebuking Ricky because what he called bullying seemed to be a result of him trying to direct Jason in writing the show.

          Something actors hardly do? Maybe Ricky’s just got to the point that he thought the whole show evolved around his character and he was upset that Jason knocked him back to earth.

          What’s wrong with you? Its a shame that you and other try to make JR to be a villain because you guys are mad at him this season!

  • Hestia Prytaneum

    GOT quote “You know nothing” and neither do we. This is just sad.

    • ClearHeatVision

      LOL checking my memory here…did Melissandra say that?

      • Hestia Prytaneum

        LOL, no, the other red head ;)

  • jkebeans

    Oh for God’s sake. Actors come and go on this show. As with most shows these days no character is safe. The actor should not have said anything. You can easily be labeled a difficult actor. How is ignoring someone’s emails bullying them? I don’t know. Bullying gets thrown around so much these days. Did he degrade him constantly on the set? Did he call him names. I mean seriously.

  • Em

    No doubt there’s more to this than on the surface, and people shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Ricky’s claims – especially when Jason has proven himself to be tone-deaf and petty.

    Worth noting in the full interview Ricky says he “understands it’s a ensemble show” and it was never about screen-time, the issue is that something happened between them, and then Jason went out of his way to “make Lincoln as insignificant as possible”, to the point of changing the what was already written.

  • EricD.

    Hmm. I don’t know either of these guys before reading the story, but the unanswered question is “why” did this go sour? It wasn’t bad to begin with or Ricky wouldn’t have been cast. Ricky is obviously attractive, and smart as well, but I suspect that he is more the source of the problem than Jason. As other people are surmising, I think that Ricky probably began pressing ideas for his character, and that’s not really his decision to make. There is such a thing as “difficult” actors, that much we know.

  • Evan Pritchard

    I’m sure Rothenberg’s ego is the size of a planet and he believes he can do no wrong.